Kiss Me, I’m Going Green

It’s that time of year again. For green bagels and beer, bagpipes and parades—and the wearing of the green. But instead of simply wearing green this month, why not take it a step further—and go green, too? Cleaning up the environment and reducing the carbon footprint might seem like an enormous task. But by taking individual steps to reduce your own carbon footprint, you contribute to the greening of the planet—and it all adds up. Simple ways to go green this year include:

1) If you live in a major city—or even if you don’t—one simple way to go green is to ride your bike to work, to the store, or wherever you want to go. While that’s not a new idea, community bike centers in cities such as New York, Boston and Washington, D.C. have started community bike programs. You can rent a bicycle to get you to wherever you need to be for as long as you would need it, and return it to any bicycle station anywhere in the city for no extra fee. This helps in a couple of ways: It reduces the toxic emissions your car gives off, and you benefit too. After all, it is good exercise (and you don’t need to drive to the gym to get it, either).

2) Many of us have major concerns about how the food we eat is produced—and that’s a good thing. But there’s something that many of us use every day that is equally as important. Ever think about what our clothes are made of? For instance, polyester blends, believe it or not, can release a sustainably large amount of carbon emissions into the atmosphere, and so can dying fabrics. There is a solution to the problem, however: Organic cotton. If you’re wondering where to get organic cotton clothes, companies such as H&M, Zara and even Nike are jumping on this new trend. They provide clothes that—through their manufacturing processes—provide a better and healthier world for us all.

3) Ever heard of Waterra? It’s the newest thing that can bring us closer to getting rid of plastic water bottles. The waste from water bottles incrementally increases, and the rate for these water bottles to degrade in garbage heaps is in the thousands of years range. Waterra offers water machines—no bottles required—that are perfect for businesses, schools and even the home. As an added incentive, the machine produces over 30 types of flavored water, and it is very energy efficient. It comes in two sizes, one comparably sized to your average vending machine, another a smaller countertop version. It doesn’t use electricity for more than half the day, and after you fill up your cup with some of this water, it only replenishes the amount taken.

These three ways of greening the planet can be found in your city, your local store or even online, and can incrementally decrease the carbon footprint you make, and make it easier for you go to Go Green!



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