KINESIQ Continues Its European Breakthrough With the Institut Robert Merle d’Aubigné

GRANBY, Quebec, April 07, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- KINESIQ, the developer of the first balance and motor capacity improvement exercise equipment dedicated to rehab and functional autonomy, is proud to announce that its KINE-SIM device will now be available to patients of the French Robert Merle d’Aubigné Institute. This physical medicine and rehabilitation center treats an average of 3,500 patients with severe pathologies every year.

The KINE-SIM device improves the balance, reflexes and capacity of the lower limbs while working on reducing the effects of degenerative diseases. More specifically, it is a simulator of activities in a standing position designed for fragile people. Its innovative technology is made up of intelligent motion systems that accurately reproduce the foot movements of a person over multiple axes, combined with a monitor that shows the activity so the patient can be fully immersed. The different movements can be adapted to each patient allowing for a personalized physical and cognitive rehabilitation.

"The Robert Merle d’Aubigné Institute has an excellent reputation in regards to the high quality care and patients relations. The services offered by its Rehabilitation and Prosthesis structure as well as their Functional Rehabilitation structure, regroup all medical and paramedical competencies and a technical high performance platform that is adapted to patients with amputated limbs and in needs of locomotor reeducation. We are very proud they have placed their trust in us and to positively help people facing hardship" declared Mr. Lukas Dufault, President of KINESIQ INC.

“We are always on the lookout for technological advances that can facilitate the rehabilitation our patients. The KINE-SIM device will allow our patients to improve their functional state, their motor independence while practicing a pleasant activity in virtual reality”, said Céline LANSADE, head of the research and teaching unit of the Institut Robert Merle of Aubigné.

About the Institut Robert Merle d’Aubigné

Located in the immediate vicinity of Paris in a park of seven hectares, the Institut Robert Merle d’Aubigné is a physical medicine and rehabilitation center with a trauma-orthopedic orientation for people suffering from severe pathologies. Patients have access to medical treatments supported by cutting edge technologies and forefront training and research. It is renowned nationally and worldwide, especially for its laboratory research in biomechanics and for its patients’ performance in handisports. The Institute is a member of the FEHAP (Fédération des Établissements Hospitaliers & d’Aide à la Personne) of France. For more information, please visit  (in French only)


KINESIQ designs, assembles and markets medical equipment integrating technologies from the simulation world for the physical and neurological rehabilitation market and to help maintain functional autonomy. The products allow for the rehabilitation of the lower limbs following an injury as well as improve balance and reflexes. They are also designed to be integrated into fall prevention programs. KINESIQ’s primary objective is to help improve the health and quality of life of individuals either in the early stages of fragility, near end-of-life or suffering from degenerative diseases. For more details, visit

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Lukas Dufault, President