It’s the Little Ideas That Will Add Up to Great Marketing

The days of the big idea are gone—really—gone. So says Boris Kushkuley, author of “Weave Patient Centricity Into Your Brand Tapestry.” No one idea is going to resonate in today’s marketplace with all customers—as it could in the good ole’ days. It takes a lot more of everything to reach today’s savvy, informed and educated customer—from the best technologies to much desired and sought after value-added services. It also takes an insightful, dedicated marketer with all the tools necessary to reach these customers, whether they are patients, providers, payers or physicians.

ACA requirements ensure that physicians are working toward achieving the best possible health outcomes—and pharma marketers have a big role to play here in helping physicians reach that goal. And, not surprisingly, patients, too, want this. They want the industry and pharma marketers to place the emphasis on meeting unmet needs—access to treatment, education, the right information at the right time, not to mention, value, such as co-pay assistance and coupons. And they want to be talked to within the framework of their own culture.

This issue of PM360 is all about what customers want, from physicians to the Hispanic, African American and Asian patient markets. Our authors provide insight into achieving positive, results-oriented engagement through new approaches to patient centricity, DTC/DTP advertising, a renewed focus on multicultural marketing, and a few other ideas. Relax with this issue and take it all in. You’re likely to find a few new approaches you may want to incorporate into your new campaign or launch.

And speaking of new campaigns and launches, our successful and spectacular annual Trailblazer Awards last month proved that there is no dearth of ideas—and that the marketing ideas will keep coming as the healthcare landscape continues to shift. With so much changing, we see pharma marketers as more prepared than ever to step up, think outside the lines and adapt to the changing needs of all customers involved—and meet those needs.

It is all as inspiring to the PM360 team as it is to you, our readers. And as 2015 approaches, PM360 takes that inspiration from all the Brand Champs and the numerous winners we celebrated—and we also vow to keep pushing outside the lines, too, to bring you the information you need to make the informed choices that will shift your marketing to higher, more effective levels.

At the same time, let’s keep this celebration going. Remember to vote for your favorite Pharma Choice entries online at submitted by some of the most creative pharma healthcare agencies in our industry. Remember, you, vote on these winners.



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