Is Programmatic Problematic for Pharma?

In the first part in a new series of podcasts with Healio, we explore the pharma industry’s issues with programmatic advertising. Zach Gursky, SVP, Digital and Innovation at Healio walks us through the issues that have made some pharma marketers reluctant to fully embrace programmatic buying and explains whether there really is any need to be concerned.

Additionally, we discuss what changes to expect for programmatic in a post-cookie world and examine the ways pharma marketers can start using programmatic more similarly to their CPG colleagues. And, of course, ultimately, how pharma marketers can successfully utilize programmatic for their brands.

Featuring: Zach Gursky, SVP, Digital and Innovation, Healio

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As a teaser, we will be speaking with Phil Calvin, CTO, Vineti about how to evolve and mature the use technology within biotech and pharma, including the use of the cloud, AI, blockchain, and more.