Is It Time to Get a Smartwatch?

The number of smartwatches on the market just continues to grow with an abundance of options available to fit your particular style, budget, or the set of features you need. If you think the time has come for you to make the switch to a wristwatch that offers more beyond its initial intended purpose or to upgrade your current smartwatch to a newer iteration, then here are some of the latest options at your disposal.

Apple: Built for Adventure

Apple recently released an update to the perhaps best-known smartwatch on the market with the Series 8, but it also introduced something a little different—the Apple Watch Ultra ($799) built for endurance athletes and adventurers. Its 49mm titanium case with a bigger and brighter display has more room for workout metrics and other details. It also has a new precision dual-frequency GPS system for more accuracy; a customizable Action button that can be used to start a new workout, drop a Compass Waypoint, activate a Siren that can be heard up to 600 feet away, and more; and a longer 36-hour or 60-hour low-use battery life for your longer adventures.

Samsung: Total Wellness Check

The Samsung Galaxy Watch5 ($279.99) and Galaxy Watch5 Pro ($449.99) improves upon the previously introduced BioActive Sensor by making it bigger for more accurate readings of heart rate, blood oxygen level, and stress level, while also working with newly added sensors including a temperature sensor. The goal is to provide stats beyond workouts into the rest and recovery process with a Body Composition measurement tool and recommendations on water consumption based on sweat loss. The watch also offers a Sleep Coaching feature—and can integrate with SmartThings to automatically set connected lights, AC units, and TVs for an ideal sleep setting.

Garmin: Watching Your Kids

Garmin has a long list of available smartwatches that are especially great for running, fitness, golfing, fishing, and much more—but its newest watch helps you better manage your kids. The Bounce ($149.99) lets you delay that first smartphone purchase for your child by offering them a smartwatch that—with a subscription plan—allows for two-way text and voice messaging. You can also track your child’s location in real-time and have them “check in” when they reach their destination by sending a notification. It also includes fitness tracking features, games and quizzes, chore reminders, and more.

Withings: Luxurious Design

While there are now several smartwatches catered to people looking for a more classic and luxury-inspired design, Withings’ ScanWatch Horizon ($499.95) offers both style and the health technology it has become known for. Inspired by the luxury diver watch tradition, it comes with a stainless-steel band as well as a rubberized wristband for sport usage. In terms of health tracking, it can take an ECG at any time and continuously monitors heart rate, breathing disturbances, blood oxygen levels, sleep, and physical activity—even underwater.

Amazfit: Big Features, Lower Cost

The Amazfit GTR 4 ($199.99) offers many of the same features you will find on most smartwatches built for fitness, but at a bit of a lower cost compared to some other brands on the market. That includes more than 150 sports modes such as walking, running, cycling, and swimming modes as well as the ability to automatically recognize 15 strength training exercises. It also has dual-band circularly polarized GPS antenna technology that’s 99% as accurate as handheld GPS locators, a 14-day battery life for normal use, and a biometric optical sensor to track all of your favorite health metrics.


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