Inivata: New Review of ctDNA Liquid Biopsies in Nature Reviews Cancer Co-Authored by Inivata CSO Nitzan Rosenfeld


New Review of ctDNA Liquid Biopsies in Nature Reviews Cancer
Co-Authored by Inivata CSO Nitzan Rosenfeld

Research Triangle Park, NC and Cambridge, UK 24 February 2017 -- Inivata, a global clinical cancer genomics company employing a revolutionary approach to circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) analysis to improve personalized healthcare in oncology, today announces the publication of a new review of the use of ctDNA as a liquid biopsy for cancer treatment in the journal Nature Reviews Cancer co-authored by Inivata's Chief Scientific Officer and Founder Nitzan Rosenfeld and Co-Founder and Clinical Advisor James Brenton.

In "Liquid biopsies come of age: towards the implementation of circulating tumour DNA" (available online at the authors* review the potential of ctDNA in cancer diagnosis, treatment selection and monitoring disease burden. They also highlight the importance of assay sensitivity, as sampling often yields low concentrations of ctDNA, and review currently available approaches for sensitive detection.

The authors conclude that liquid biopsies have demonstrated broad potential clinical utility across a range of applications and they are beginning to be used for patient benefit.

*Jonathan C.M. Wan1,2, Charles Massie1,2, Javier Garcia-Corbacho3, Florent Mouliere1,2, James D. Brenton1,2, Carlos Caldas1,2,4, Simon Pacey2,4, Richard Baird2,4 and Nitzan Rosenfeld1,2.

1Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, 2Cancer Research UK Cambridge Centre, 3Clinical Trials Unit, Clinic Institute of Haematalogical and Oncological Diseases, Hospital Clinic de Barcelona, 4Department of Oncology, University of Cambridge Hutchison-MRC Research Centre.

About Nitzan Rosenfeld
Nitzan Rosenfeld is a senior group leader at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, University of Cambridge, and Inivata's co-founder and CSO. Nitzan trained in Physics, and specialized in quantitative molecular biology, obtaining a Ph.D. in the field of Systems Biology from the Weizmann Institute of Science. In 2005 he joined Rosetta Genomics Ltd, where he was head of Computational Biology and led development of molecular diagnostic tests. In 2009 Nitzan joined Cancer Research UK's Cambridge Institute. His research group combines molecular technologies with genomic approaches to develop new diagnostic strategies. The focus of current research, the application of circulating tumour DNA for personalised cancer diagnostics, formed the basis of Inivata. In 2013 Nitzan was awarded the CRUK Future Leaders in Cancer Research prize, the British Association for Cancer Research Translational Research Award, and a prestigious ERC Starting Grant.  At the end of 2015, Nitzan received the Foulkes Medal which is awarded biennially to an outstanding bioscience researcher within ten years of completing their PhD.

About Inivata
Inivata, a clinical cancer genomics company, is employing the precision of ctDNA analysis to improve personalized healthcare in oncology. Using a simple blood test, ctDNA analysis is a new tool for oncologists to detect cancer, stratify patients, and assess individual response to treatment. Inivata's proprietary technology is based on pioneering research from the Rosenfeld Lab at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute (CRUK-CI), University of Cambridge. Inivata's Invision ctDNA assay provides a highly sensitive analysis of a highly-select gene panel to identify actionable mutations for oncologists to treat their patients optimally. In 2016, Inivata opened a CLIA lab in Research Triangle Park, NC and launched a large-scale, prospective clinical validation study of the Company's ctDNA analysis in lung cancer. For more information and a full listing of investors, please go to Follow us on Twitter @Inivata.

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