Sanofi works with Inhibrx, Inc. to develop SAR447537

Sanofi Acquisition May Help Prevent Deterioration of Lung Function

Sanofi adds SAR447537 (formerly INBRX-101) to Sanofi’s rare disease pipeline with the acquisition of Inhibrx, Inc., a clinical stage biopharma company that develops drugs in the oncology and orphan diseases category. The acquisition underscores the company’s commitment to pursuing differentiated and potential bestin- class medicines in rare diseases, immunology, and inflammation. SAR447537 is a human recombinant protein that holds the promise of allowing alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency (AATD) patients to achieve normalization of serum AAT levels with less frequent (monthly vs. weekly) dosing. AATD is an inherited rare disease characterized by low levels of AAT protein, predominantly affecting the lung with progressive deterioration of the tissue. SAR447537 may help to reduce inflammation and prevent further deterioration of lung function in affected individuals.

Degron Therapeutics Announces Multi-Target Collaboration with Takeda

Degron and Takeda will join together to make use of Degron’s GlueXplorer® platform to identify, validate, and optimize molecular glue degraders for specific therapeutic targets selected by Takeda. The projects would be transitioned to Takeda for further development and commercialization, upon reaching a certain stage of advancement. “Molecular glue degraders are a new class of drugs that can be directed at targets previously inaccessible or inadequately modulated by other treatment modalities,” said Chris Arendt, Chief Scientific Officer, Head of Research at Takeda. “This collaboration with Degron not only adds an innovative new platform to our drug discovery toolbox, it is also an example of cutting-edge innovation emerging in the exciting China biotech sector.”

Degron’s GlueXplorerTM MGD Discovery platform

Degron Therapeutics will receive an upfront payment and is eligible to receive potential future preclinical, clinical development and commercial milestone payments that could total $1.2 billion if all related milestones are achieved over the course of the agreement.

Pfizer Plans More Cost Cuts After Cutting $1.5B

Pfizer is planning on a new $1.5 billion round of cost cuts months after the beginning of a $4 billion savings strategy. According to a Pfizer spokesperson, the cuts include shrinking the company’s manufacturing base, a portion of Pfizer’s business which grew substantially during the Covid-19 pandemic. “This program will focus on streamlining our ways of working, reducing complexity, and increasing productivity in Pfizer Global Supply,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson confirmed that the $1.5 billion in annual savings is for a first round of the program and that more cuts are likely. Pfizer referred to the savings plan as a “multi-phased effort” that “will span multiple years and is expected to include operational efficiencies, network structure changes, and product portfolio enhancements.”

GLP-1 Medicine that Prevents Loss of Muscle Mass

As AstraZeneca builds up its weight loss portfolio, it has the opportunity to buy a new weight loss drug created by startup SixPeaks Bio and incubated by Versant Ventures.

The new GLP-1 medicine will help preserve muscle mass, which seems to be a common issue in similar medications. The startup, SixPeaks Bio, came out of stealth on Wednesday with $30 million in Series A funding. The deal with AstraZeneca will also let SixPeaks tap into as much as $80 million in non-dilutive financing over the next two years.

SixPeaks’ focus is on developing a dualspecific antibody that goes after activin type IIa and IIb receptors. The goal is to make a low-dose medicine that patients can inject themselves, CEO Philip Just Larsen said in an interview.

New GLP-1 weight loss drug to help preserve muscle mass created by startup SixPeaks bio.

“Late last year, we started to socialize this to both pharmas and investors and we got very good traction,” chair Alex Mayweg, managing director at Versant, told Endpoints News. “Over January at JP Morgan, this became very intense, both on investors and multiple pharmas.” He said AstraZeneca “convinced us that this would be the best and fastest way to get this molecule in and through the clinic and into patients.”

Precision Value & Health Rebranding as Precision AQ

Precision Value & Health will be further known as Precision AQ as the new name comes from the culmination of years of strategic development and integration to create a single company to help life sciences companies navigate life-changing therapies through the commercialization process, ensuring they reach the patients who need them. Combined services under the new brand include global capability across data and technology solutions, pricing and market access strategy, HEOR, medical communications, market access, advertising and branding, omnichannel solutions, investor relations, and external communications.

The name, which stands for Precision Access Quotient, reflects the organization’s approach to removing barriers—fusing science (IQ, or Intelligence Quotient) and empathy (EQ, or Emotional Quotient). The result is “AQ: Access Quotient,” a critical ingredient in navigating the therapy-to-patient journey informed by data-driven analytics and insights.

“Precision AQ exists for one reason: to empower access to life-changing medicine for all,” said Precision AQ President Doug Fulling. “We are stronger together, combining the strength of life-science experts, advisors, and creators all working toward the same goal: changing the blueprint for access.”

“SixPeaks’ focus is on developing a dualspecific antibody that goes after activin type IIa and IIb receptors. The goal is to make a low-dose medicine that patients can inject themselves.”
—CEO, Philip Just Larsen


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