Adheris Health and Improved Patient Outcomes Inc. Partner Up

John Ciccio, President, Adheris Health

Adheris Health, as a leading provider of patient management solutions, and Improved Patient Outcomes Inc. (IPO), a provider of behavioral-based patient engagement and medication adherence solutions, have partnered to improve patient adherence and outcomes. Adheris Health will contribute its retail pharmacy network and real-world data insights to IPO’s evidence-based behavioral content protocols, developed by Duke University Departments of Medicine and Population Health Sciences, which includes 120 diseases and conditions. The partnership will also strive to offer patient touchpoints to improve the patient experience from the point of care to a better outcome.

“We are excited to launch this new partnership as it will offer our clients expanded patient engagement options which can be calibrated to unique patient needs and adherence barriers, providing optimized experiences built on proven content and protocol designs,” John Ciccio, President of Adheris Health, said in a statement. “This unique combination will generate superior outcomes for all stakeholders—patients, prescribers, payers, and clients.”

The companies will work together to integrate and apply tailored, dynamic behavioral modification solutions to engage, impact, and sustain patients and their health outcomes.

Me+U Care New Healthcare Model

Me+U Care is a new approach to healthcare created by Kendall Lockhart, the former worldwide head of product for The Walt Disney Company’s interactive media division, to change relationships between healthcare systems and patients. The idea behind its development was to combine Disney’s consumer connection expertise with healthcare executives. Me+U board members from Kaiser Permanente, Cisco, Integrated Healthcare Association, DaVitaHealthcare Partners, Cigna, Anthem, and others, are ascribing to the approach to improve relations with their clients.

“Healthcare consumers change behavior because of relationships with and information from people they trust,” explains Kendall Lockhart, Founder. For this reason, Me+U is uniquely positioned to impact healthier living and better care. The company’s new HITRUST CSF certified platform delivers a secure, proven communication solution based on four core principles unique to Me+U. First are mass personalized video messages to build relationships and trust between providers and consumers. Second, the approach includes family, caregivers, and peers to influence better behavior change, healthier living, and care compliance. Third is to communicate the way 82% of healthcare consumers prefer, via SMS/email with no app or portal log-in necessary. And finally, the platform provides real-time adaptive analytics to enable targeted communication and intervention based on personal and changing user preferences and patterns.

“After 20 years as a health system leader, I learned that improving healthcare is not just about having the best clinicians or technology, it is also about getting patients and loved ones more engaged and connected than ever before,” stated Me+U CEO Brian White, former East Coast President of Bon Secours Mercy Health. “That is why I decided to join Me+U and champion change.”

EVERSANA and Intouch Group Combine


EVERSANA, a global commercial services leader in the life sciences industry, bought Intouch Group, a global agency network for pharma, for approximately $1 billion, although exact financial details were not disclosed. The combined companies now have 40 global locations, 5,500 employees, and millions of dollars invested in digital transformation, data, and analytics. With Intouch’s industry-leading creative and media services, enterprise solutions, and data analytics and EVERSANA’s fully integrated commercialization services platform, the company is poised to deliver full-scale commercialization to pharmaceutical companies globally.

“Partnerships of this magnitude change the trajectory of industries and this one is simply overdue,” said Jim Lang, CEO of EVERSANA. “At EVERSANA, we’ve spent recent years tearing down the silos of a broken life sciences industry to reinvent commercialization. Intouch shares our vision and hearty appetite for disruption. Together, we will engage the entire life sciences ecosystem in new and powerful ways. Who better than EVERSANA and Intouch to actually change the game and improve healthcare worldwide?”

Both companies and their clients will immediately gain access to the full array of digitally driven, patient-centric services designed to solve any global pricing, access, reimbursement, promotion, adherence, or product delivery challenge.

The CM Group Acquires decile.ten

The CM Group, an integrated healthcare agency focused on providing scientific and commercialization strategies and services to the life sciences industry, acquired decile.ten, a medical communications and digital services agency. The company will now offer a comprehensive suite of services that span the commercialization journey and are delivered with the personalized, high-touch service for which both companies are known.

“Our clients appreciate working with a single, highly skilled strategic partner rather than with multiple agencies, which is often today’s reality,” said Cherie Myatt, Co-founder of The CM Group, in a statement. “With the decile.ten acquisition, we will be able to support our clients’ needs from strategy and content development to logistics and business intelligence. This combination will benefit not only our clients, but—most importantly—their patient communities.”

Alucio Is Preparing the Industry for Hybrid Engagement

It’s no surprise that virtual meetings between medical science liaisons (MSLs) and HCPs skyrocketed across therapeutic areas during the pandemic. Now that restrictions are relaxed, some MSLs are returning to in-person interactions while others are catering to those HCPs who enjoy the ease and convenience of virtual engagement. Alucio, a software applications developer for healthcare and health sciences, is ready to offer the industry a hybrid solution.

Their cloud-based, proprietary platform, Beacon, is completely optimized for multichannel engagement between MSLs and HCPs in this new environment. The platform supports customers with a fully integrated video conferencing module with features customized for scientific exchange while fully compatible with other leading video-meet solutions such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. Beacon can also seamlessly support in-person meetings on tablet devices, including an offline mode for live engagements where data service is unavailable. The platform also provides email and text communication options to ensure that medical key opinion leaders stay up to date with the latest information and approved content.

“With the shift to hybrid engagement, MSLs need to find the right combination of message, content, and channel to match HCP expectations and meeting preferences in order to provide a personalized customer experience,” states Dave Gulezian, Co-Founder and CEO at Alucio.

GTO Group Announces New Model for Outside the U.S.

The Greater Than One (GTO) Group introduced a new operating model to better serve clients outside the United States. Referred to as OUS (Outside United States) On-Demand, this model promises to bring the same level of service and value creation abroad as offered to U.S.-based clients. The OUS operating strategy is based on two key components: centralized management of core capabilities in the U.S. headquarters, and direct access to a scalable on-demand solution abroad. The idea is to embrace the changing dynamics in workforces and workplaces in order to create a larger global footprint that is a hybrid of virtual and local market resources.

“While our accounts are led from the United States, we can now potentially have ground forces in any foreign country rather than a few smaller satellite offices,” Elizabeth Apelles, CEO of GTO Group, said in a statement. “Our industry is dynamic, and it works to our clients’ advantage to broaden our talent community outside of the U.S. and provide them with what we believe will be the global agency model of the future.”

The U.S. operations of GTO Group will remain unchanged as the company  will continue to deliver media, marketing, and enterprise technology capabilities through its well-established centralized governance and management model.


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