Images Luxury Nail Lounge Donates Thousands to Support Skin Health for Local Students

Newport Beach, Nov. 10, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Images Luxury Nail Lounge, home to some of the world’s most luxurious mani-pedi services, is donating $10,000 to Irvine, California’s Plaza Vista School PTA to help fund a protective shade structure over the students’ playground. As part of its mission to give back to its community, Images has taken a role as a Platinum Sponsor to help reduce risks of skin cancer in children.

“Though we are most widely known for our glamorous nail treatments, Images Luxury Nail Lounge also offers an extensive menu of skincare services,” said Tony Nguyen, general manager of Images. “Pooling our passion for healthy skin and our desire to give back to our community, sponsoring the Plaza Vista School PTA in developing a shade structure seemed like the right thing to do.”

Currently, one out of five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetimes, according the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). For children in particular, who are more likely to spend significant time outdoors, prevention will play an essential role in reducing cancer risk.

As a year-round school in the notoriously sunny Southern California area, Plaza Vista began its own fundraising program. With help from sponsors like Images, Plaza Vista plans to have its protective shade structure completed by March 2016…just in time for the summer.

“While diamond-studded manicures are wonderful, having healthy skin is essential,” said Nguyen. “Whether pampering seniors with free luxury pedicures or helping students maintain healthy skin, we feel it is important to serve our community in as many ways as possible.”

Images will be a Guest of Honor at the Shade Structure Dedication Ceremony this spring, when the school will also unveil an acknowledgement plaque for the salon’s generous donation.

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About Images Luxury Nail Lounge

Images Luxury Nail Lounge offers a state-of-the-art interior design to bring its clients a luxurious getaway from the stresses of their lives. The salon provides a complete collection of therapeutic and refreshing nail care, as well as waxing and facial treatments. A pleasant treat for the hands and feet, Images pampers clients with scrubs and baths in marine mineral blends, nail trims customized to certain shapes and lengths, hydrating hot oil treatments, relaxing massages and application of colored nail lacquers, with additional glitz like real diamonds or carats of gold available.

About Plaza Vista School

Plaza Vista opened its doors in 1999 as a year-round option for Irvine students. Focusing on family, arts and academics. Today, Plaza Vista is one of two K-8 schools in Irvine, California and the only school in the district currently to feature ten grades. The school’s amazing PTA strengthens the community and provides resources for its many programs and initiatives, which include its May carnival, the Jog-a-thon, the annual membership drive, family nights, guest lectures, the magic show, bingo, assemblies, bake sales, lunch-time activities, field trips and more. Plaza Vista is committed to ensuring all students experience individual success regularly. 

CONTACT: For media inquiries and/or interview arrangements, please contact Bailey Potter at 323-937-1951.


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