Houston Dermatologist Reveals Laser Treatment Options for Birthmarks

HOUSTON, Jan. 04, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Most birthmarks, including Becker’s Nevus and Nevus of Ota, do not pose a threat to one’s health, explains Houston dermatologist Paul M. Friedman, MD. However, he says that these marks may produce feelings of self-consciousness if they are particularly large, grow hair, or are located in a highly visible region of the body. As a result, many patients seek treatments that can reduce the unsightly appearance of these conditions, and there are several innovative laser technologies available.

The first step toward treatment, Dr. Friedman explains, is to identify the birthmark with an accurate diagnosis of the skin condition, including whether the mark was congenital (present at birth or a young age) or acquired (developed after puberty). This is important, he notes, because in the case of Nevus of Ota, acquisition after puberty increases the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation following treatment. After diagnosis by a board-certified dermatologist, he explains that the physician should then develop a customized treatment plan that addresses the cosmetic goals and anatomic needs of the patient. He reveals that some of the best modalities for treating Becker’s Nevus and Nevus of Ota birthmarks are Q-switched lasers, and there are several available from which to choose.

Employing a combination of laser techniques may further optimize results, the Houston dermatologist states. “Becker’s Nevus is most commonly associated with increased hair growth of the area. We are seeing the best results by combining laser treatments to remove the hair and treat the pigmentation.” Dr. Friedman also indicates that patients should be advised to wear sun protection prior to and following laser treatment. Ultimately, the dermatologist believes that patients experiencing feelings of embarrassment due to the appearance of birthmarks, such as Becker’s Nevus and Nevus of Ota, should not have to suffer when many effective treatments are available. He encourages individuals bothered by this skin condition to schedule a consultation with a qualified dermatologist who can help them achieve their goals.

About Paul M. Friedman, MD

Certified by the American Board of Dermatology, Dr. Friedman is the Director of the Dermatology & Laser Surgery Center of Houston, Texas. A graduate of New York University School of Medicine, he also completed a fellowship in Mohs micrographic surgery, dermatologic laser surgery, and cutaneous oncology at the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York. In addition to his practice responsibilities, he serves at the University of Texas Medical School and the Weill Cornell Medical College as a Clinical Assistant Professor. Dr. Friedman has published over 95 medical articles and book chapters, and co-authored the book, Beautiful Skin Revealed: The Ultimate Guide to Better Skin. He is Co-Editor of the textbook Lasers and Light Source Treatment for the Skin, which was released in 2014. He also serves on the Editorial Board of the journal Dermatologic Surgery. Dr. Friedman has been recognized as a leading physician and researcher in the field and has also been involved in the development of several new laser systems and therapeutic techniques now commonly used throughout the world. He is available for interview upon request.

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