Holistic Health & Chiropractic of Frankfort is offering its July Special! Take $200 off Food Sensitivity Testing

FRANKFORT, Ill., July 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Food sensitivities are a common issue that plagues millions of people across the nation and they may not even know! These same people could be needlessly suffering from unexplained chronic health issues that could be resolved with a simple blood test. In response to this crisis, Dr. Jon Heyer of Holistic Health & Chiropractic of Frankfort is offering a $200 special on food sensitivity testing in July.

Holistic Health & Chiropractic of Frankfort is owned and operated by Dr. Jon Heyer, who had this to say about food allergies and sensitivities, “Too few people understand the differences between these two problems. Many consider them the same thing. That is not the case, and a person may be sensitive to foods without having a positive allergy test.”

He stated that food allergies and sensitivities are not the same. People who have food allergies may suffer from hives, dizziness, or have troubles with breathing, symptoms usually occur within minutes to a few hours. Whereas, a food sensitivity can take 4-6 days to manifest symptoms which can include chronic pain, fatigue, headaches, and systemic disorders.

Many people suffering from unexplained chronic pain, fatigue, headaches as well as other symptoms and health issues, that conventional medicine cannot explain, may actually be dealing with a hidden food sensitivity. It’s estimated that food allergies make up only 10-20% of the food issues in our population, while hidden sensitivities comprise over 80-90% of health issues related to food!

Most people might be familiar with skin tests for allergies, where the surface of a patient’s skin is scratched, and an irritant is introduced to see if there is an allergic reaction. This type of testing is grossly inadequate and misses sensitivities that can be the hidden cause for many unresolved health conditions such as respiratory issues, like asthma, dermatological conditions, like psoriasis, and digestive issues, like IBS and others.

“I feel like I owe it to the public to teach more about this issue and to provide affordable testing for those who may suffer from an unknown sensitivity.” Heyer added, “It helps us fulfill our mission of helping sick people get well and keeping well people healthy.”

Normally, this test is $699, but only for the month of July, Dr. Heyer is offering this fascinating test for only $499. That’s $200 off the usual price and if a client refers a friend or family member for a second test there is an additional discount.

About the Chiropractor: Holistic Frankfort is owned and operated by Dr. Jon Heyer. They provide a variety of holistic services, including chiropractic, acupuncture, and multiple types of food intolerance test options, along with nutrition. Visit their office at 10229 W. Lincoln Highway in Frankfort, IL or contact them at 815-469-7472. You can also learn more by visiting online at https://holisticfrankfort.com/