Help Wanted: Asia-Pacific Health Crisis Looms

Marketers take note: 60% of the world’s population lives in the Asia-Pacific region, including  Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, China, India. The demographics reveal the largest groups are the aging, and they need your help. Dramatic shifts in lifestyles that mirror Western countries have, unfortunately, led to a rise in diseases typically associated with our populations—diabetes, cardiovascular disease and COPD among them. But changing health policies and practices in these countries are providing earlier diagnosis—and treatments more quickly applied can extend and improve the quality of numerous lives.

Disease awareness, prevention and education, however, are sorely lacking—not only among patients, but also among physicians. According to Rohit Sahgal, author of this issue’s article, Biggest Global Growth Markets, these shifts virtually demand that a new requirement for pharma companies and marketers is “to raise awareness of diseases and treatment options through a comprehensive education and communication program involving practitioners, patients and the underprivileged population.” This is, of course, where you come in. As this health crisis quickly expands—Western marketers should start preparing to help now.

But PM360 is also lending marketers a hand—as is our mission. Our Expert on Call columnists aim to help you meet shifting healthcare landscapes here and the world over. A new thought leader joins us this month: Jim McDonough of Frontline Medical Communications pens the Multichannel Physician Engagement column designed to streamline and improve physician education, disease awareness and treatment options. Also, Jay Bolling, CEO, and David Zaritsky, President, both of PulseCX, rejoin our experts again this year to offer the latest strategies, developments and improvements in Customer Experience (CX) Marketing.

As innovation is ever our mantra, prepare yourself for a new, exciting and special addition to our May issue, the PM360 ELITE. Who are they? Simply the most influential and forward-thinking leaders in the healthcare industry. Read all about them in next month’s brand-spanking new issue.

Again, stay tuned. We have more surprises coming in future issues.


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