HalioDx : Immunosign® gene signature assesses LTX-315 ability to turn ‘cold’ tumors ‘hot’ at ASCO 2017

Immunosign® gene signature assesses LTX-315 ability to turn 'cold' tumors 'hot' at ASCO 2017

  • Immune gene expression signature Immmunosign® was applied to a set of pre and post LTX-315 treatment biopsies
  • Immunosign® analysis of LTX-315 treated tumors shows clear effect on key genes involved in the immune-mediated tumor regression

Marseille, France, June 5, 2017 - HalioDx SAS, an immuno-oncology diagnostic company, announced the presentation of Phase I data from its partner Lytix Biopharma at the 2017 ASCO Meeting on LTX-315, a first in class oncolytic peptide reshaping the tumor microenvironment to induce a local and systemic effect in metastatic tumors. In this study, the HalioDx immune gene expression signature Immunosign® 21 has been key to score before and after induction of LTX-315, the expression level of key immune genes (effector T cell, Th1 orientation, chemokines, and cytokines) involved in immune-mediated tumor regression. This analysis has highlighted the clear effect of LTX-315 and its ability to turn 'cold' tumors 'hot' in cancer patients. Elevation of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes in injected lesions was observed in 14 of 19 (75%) evaluable patients:

  • Immunosign® 21 profiles expression of a pre-defined set of effector T cell, Th1, chemokine, and cytokine genes
  • Immunosign® 21 score was calculated with specified bioinformatics algorithm.

Immunosign® Clinical Research assays are sets of new immune gene expression signatures designed to investigate the immune response within the tumor environment. These assays can be used to predict or assess treatment efficacy in clinical studies.

Vincent FERT, CEO of HalioDx comments: "We are delighted to team -up with Lytix to contribute to the Phase I development of this first in class therapeutic approach with our proprietary biomarker solutions. We are proud to bring to our Biopharma partners a unique view on the dynamic of the immune response to tumors and help assessing treatment efficacy."

Professor Øystein Rekdal, CSO and co-founder of Lytix Biopharma AS comments: " HalioDx Immunosign 21 gene expression profiling technology has clearly and further characterized LTX-315's ability to convert immunogenically "cold" tumors "hot" making LTX-315 an ideal combination treatment with immune checkpoint inhibitors"

Poster presentation:

Abstract #3085
Poster Session: Developmental Therapeutics - Immunotherapy
Poster Board #180
Session Time/Location: Monday, June 5, 2017: 8:00-11:30 AM CDT, Hall A
Presenter: James F. Spicer, Ph.D., King's College London, London, United Kingdom

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