Last year, many people probably experienced several restless nights (for numerous reasons), but a good way to start off the new year is to ensure you get plenty of Zzzzzs in 2021. After all, sleep is associated with better health and more productivity. Now plenty of gadgets and new technology are available to help you fall asleep and get the hours of rest you need each night.

Earbuds: Block Out the Noise

If you have noisy neighbors, loud traffic outside your window, or a snoring partner, then the Bose Sleepbuds II ($249.95) will help to block out any outside noise while playing soothing sounds that won’t disrupt your sleep. Designed specifically for sleep, these earbuds offer comfortable eartips and work with the Bose Sleep app to stream relaxing sounds of your choice from a library of 40 options. The latest iteration offers a new battery that lasts 10 hours on a single charge and three additional charges from the case.

Smart Light: Setting Your Routine

Known for its devices to help children sleep, last year Hatch released its first all-in-one sleep product for adults. Restore ($129.95) combines soothing sleep sounds, a bedside reading light, and a sunrise alarm to help people create a routine that will allow them to sleep more soundly. Users can customize how they fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up by choosing between sounds, such as white noise, water, and wind, as well as setting an alarm that will gradually brighten—like a sunrise—to wake them more gently before their alarm sounds go off.

Bed: Personalized Microclimates

The Sleep Number Climate360 smart bed creates personalized microclimates for each side of the bed to help people fall asleep faster and stay asleep. First, it gently warms either or both sides of the bed, which is proven to aid in falling asleep, and then it actively cools the sleeper’s body several degrees with ambient air to keep them asleep longer. The Climate360 technology can warm the bed up to 100° Fahrenheit while providing up to 12° of cooling. The bed is expected to be released sometime in 2021 for approximately $7,999.

Headband: Hack Your Bedtime Ritual

If you don’t know what sounds are best to help you fall asleep, the Muse S ($299.99) will read your mind and react to your body to find the best routine for you. Using advanced EEG technology and an accelerometer, the device can respond to your mind, heart, and breath. You simply choose a Go-to-Sleep Journey, such as “Enchanted Forest,” to be guided by a meditation teacher and individual sounds that play based on real-time feedback of your own brain activity, heart rate, and movement to help lull you into a gentle slumber.

Pillow: Snore No More

Motion Pillow from 10minds connects to “The Solution Box,” which detects sound via an acoustic sensor and then uses a built-in algorithm to determine whether a person is snoring. If they are, the pillow will locate the head position—thanks to air pressure sensors—and then automatically angle the head by using built-in airbags to improve airflow and alleviate any snoring. An updated version of the Motion Pillow will be available later in 2021 for around $380.


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