Gadgets to Help Make Your Summer a Blast

It’s time to have some summertime fun. Whether to you that means beaches, camping, hiking, swimming, partying, vacations, or just simply relaxing, here is some tech that is sure to make your summer experience even better.

Oven: Cook Meals Anywhere

GoSun Fusion ($499) is a little different from the company’s other solar cooking appliances. Thanks to its hybrid solar and electric technology—along with a vacuum-insulated tube—the oven can be used day or night, indoors or outdoors. Of course, the oven doesn’t require any fuel, but that doesn’t mean it skimps on the power. In fact, this electric heater is five times more efficient than a typical oven. It is also ultraportable at 10 lbs and can fit enough food to cook meals that can feed up to five people.

Speaker: Let the Party Begin

Sony built its GTK-PG10 Outdoor Wireless Speaker ($199.99) with an actual Outdoor Party Mode. Simply open up the top panels and the built-in tweeters that face upwards and outwards will spread the sound wider and further for the outdoors. Furthermore, the top panel is also splash proof and has cup holders, so you will always have a place to put your drinks no matter where you like to party. Even if you want to take the party indoors, closing the panels will project the sound forward for volume and clarity.

eReader: A Cheaper Reading Light

No summer is complete without catching up on some reading. And Amazon just made it easier and cheaper to do that from anywhere as it added a front light to the newest iteration of its Kindle ($89.99). While a front light has been available on other Kindle models, like the Paperwhite, this marks the first time it is available on a model that is under $100. This latest Kindle also comes with three months of Kindle Unlimited for free—a $30 value—so you can choose to read from millions of titles at no additional cost.

Camera: Stable Action Shots

DJI is mostly known for developing drones, but the company has also prided itself on camera technology that can capture smooth and stable videos in demanding environments. Now with the Osmo Action ($349), it has released a camera that rivals GoPro. Osmo Action is built to withstand any adventure—its dustproof, shockproof, waterproof, and can operate in sub-freezing temperatures. Its unique design, with both a front and rear screen, makes it easier to take selfies or for vlogging. When it comes to picture quality, the camera records 12-megapixel photos and 4K video up to 60fps at 100Mbps.

Cooler: A Week’s Worth of Cool

The Furrion eRove ($799) is certainly expensive for a cooler—but it is not your ordinary cooler. Powered by a Furrion ePod, it is able to keep cool without ice for seven days or offer up to 14 days of ice retention without a power supply—making it great for off-grid trips or just really long days at the beach. The internal battery is also solar rechargeable, can be recharged via a car cigarette lighter adapter, or can be swapped out for another ePod. Plus, it has QI wireless charging and three USB ports to charge additional items.


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