Frank X. Powers and Lorna Weir have had a lot of success in their respective careers leading healthcare agencies but their new venture, Elevate Healthcare, will take a more atypical, un-agency approach. That’s because they believe the new world of healthcare requires a different type of collaboration.

Elevate is a multidisciplinary strategy lab, based in suburban Philadelphia, specializing in shaping and translating product objectives into actionable sales and marketing strategies that drive commercial success for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device clients. The company is committed to:

  • Cross-disciplinary strategic expertise (including representation from commercial, marketing/sales, science, and creative) for comprehensive analysis of complex healthcare landscapes.
  • Progressive business thinking that combines the approaches of a strategic practice, think tank, and idea incubator to allow the company to work upstream of promotional agencies to define and translate the promise of product opportunities.
  • Pivoting quickly to help put strategies into action—selecting, connecting, and mobilizing the right downstream resources to increase efficiency and boost performance.

“Elevate’s role for our clients is differentiated in that we work closely with senior leadership to help lay the strategic foundation and ensure that when they pull the trigger to invest in a tactical marketing partner, all the underpinnings of an integrated campaign or launch have been fully vetted, tested, and have full corporate support,” Powers said in a statement. “We’re already working with several anchor clients, deploying our team of strategic, scientific and creative experts who become fully immersed in strategic planning, sales, and marketing integration.”

In Powers’ previous role as the President of Dudnyk, the independent agency received several top honors in the industry, including Agency of the Year, Most Creative Agency, and Best Places to Work. Among other awards, Powers himself has also been recognized as a PM360 ELITE Transformational Leader and as one of PharmaVoice Magazine’s 100 Most Inspiring People.

Meanwhile, Weir’s career path has taken her from Wall Street to law (she holds a JD) and then from business-to-business and consumer marketer to healthcare specialist. She has been President of agencies Dudnyk and Vox Medica, and more recently Principal of her own strategic consulting firm. Throughout her career, Weir has been pioneering and perfecting the key elements Elevate is based upon: Analysis of complex healthcare landscapes; providing sound strategic counsel; and being a catalyst for achieving the goals of product commercialization.

“Our core team possesses the experience and foresight to understand exactly what clients need in order to help drive their business,” Weir said in a statement. “We bring clients the entrepreneurial spirit and intellectual capacity to be multidisciplinary advocates for actualizing strategies. That’s what makes Elevate so valuable to our partners.”


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