Finding Love—Online

As the U.S. becomes more tech-oriented, more singles are turning to online dating to meet their special someone. We often see CEOs of sites like and eHarmony in commercials, claiming their highly effective match making system, especially during the Valentine’s Day season. Whether it’s the more than $200 million spent on advertising for dating sites or the newly virtual era, online dating has become a major phenomenon.

According to Statistic Brain Research Institute, of approximately 54,000,000 single Americans in 2014, 41,000,000 have tried online dating. With such steep competition, how can you be sure to stand out to the love of your life? We have a few tips to help you sweep online suitors off their feet.

Do post pics! We all know that looks don’t matter; love is about inner beauty. But in a cyber world, we need a way to engage the senses when making the often intimidating decision to yay or nay a date. Though 64% of online daters agree that common interests are the most important factor when reading through a profile, physical chemistry is an important part of an intimate relationship.

Don’t post anything besides your wonderful face in your profile picture. Let your expression speak for itself without any props or friends crowding the pic. Drop the “I hate my smile” attitude. Be confident in your smile, because someone just may fall in love with it!

Do make sure you take the time to fill out profile questionnaires. Plenty of apps and sites randomly match singles in their area with hardly any questions asked, but those who are serious about finding someone to share their life with should opt for sites such as  eHarmony and, which both require you to answer 400 questions to create a profile. It may seem tedious, but it takes more than liking the same music to find your life partner in a pool of 41 million people.

Don’t stretch the truth; it’s one of the many easy ways to waste time and money online. No one will be impressed if you say you’re a rocket scientist and turn out to be a science teacher. But the sensitive, teacher type may be just what someone is looking for!

Do give everyone a chance. While it’s always important to meet in a public place for the first few dates, you shouldn’t be too picky. Blowing off a date because they’re not your type is an excellent way to miss the opportunity to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right. If you do deny a date though, make sure you send at least a quick “Thank you, anyway.”

Don’t get discouraged! It doesn’t matter how many people you date before you find what you are looking for as long as you do it with respect for yourself and others. Honest online daters deserve your time to get to know them, but you shouldn’t settle until you feel you’ve met your match.


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