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We all try new things from time to time. I have a “standard” set of “go to” wines for various occasions, but I’m fortunate to get a chance to try new wines pretty regularly. I want to devote this column to three worth trying.

Fisher Vineyards Coach Insignia

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Folks of a certain age may remember the “Body by Fisher” logo on    many GM cars. The founding family for Fisher Body, now a  division of GM, has a branch that opened up a Napa vineyard.    Their premium estate-grown flagship is called “Coach Insignia.” I  am a big fan of fruity wines and this is a beautifully smooth and  medium-bodied wine. It’s a little hard to find at retail and costs  about $60. I have seen it priced as high as $225 in finer  restaurants, but it compares nicely to competitors like Caymus.

Girard Sauvignon Blanc

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Girard’s Sauvignon Blanc is a zesty white with plenty of citrus and a little bit of apple to it. It’s great on a summer day, great with fish—and is becoming my go-to wine for sushi. At a retail price of $18, you can enjoy it regularly.

Renwood Timberline Zinfandel

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Renwood is a winery in Amador County, California, the home to some of the California Gold Rush communities. This winery has an amazingly fruit-forward yet silky smooth offering in Timberline. It’s a blend from two estate vineyards and is really nice—especially at a $40 per bottle retail price.

Wine Tip

I have a lot of old (mid ’90s) reds, and the corks are beginning to crumble on opening. The wine is fine, but it’s messy to get to. I just bought a CO2 powered opener from Cork Pops, and it does a great job of removing the cork with no fuss. If you have old wines, get one.

  • Jay Carter

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