Eurobio Scientific and BIOGROUP-LCD enter into an agreement for the supply and maintenance of Multiplex Molecular Biology automated platforms

Eurobio Scientific and BIOGROUP-LCD enter into an agreement
for the supply and maintenance of
Multiplex Molecular Biology automated platforms

BIOGROUP-LCD, the 3rd largest consortium of French medical diagnostic laboratories,
 selected Eurobio Scientific's multiplex molecular biology solution for its
microbiology technical platforms.

Paris, October 17, 2018 - 17:45 pm

Eurobio Scientific (FR0013240934, ALERS, eligible PEA-PME), a leading French group in the field of specialty in vitro medical diagnostics and life sciences, announced that Eurobio-Ingen, its commercial affiliate, and the BIOGROUP-LCD consortium of laboratories entered into an agreement related to molecular biology activity. As a first step, this agreement covers screening and identification of micro-organisms responsible for sexually transmitted diseases and acute diarrhea.

BIOGROUP-LCD is the third largest French player in medical diagnostics with more than 300 laboratories throughout France. COFRAC certified, according to NF EN 15189 standards, BIOGROUP-LCD is exclusively owned by 350 medical biologists, doctors or pharmacists, all professionals in the consortium laboratories.

The goal of BIOGROUP-LCD is to be a key laboratory at the French national level, with a range of services to both patients and prescribers, combining proximity, biology skills and innovative technology.

Early 2018, with a solid experience in molecular biology, BIOGROUP-LCD set-up a working group including referent microbiologists in order to shift its service offering toward multiplex molecular biology. All available solutions that were able to perform more than 200,000 tests annually were studied according to strict specifications. After testing various alternatives recommended by manufacturers in the sector, Eurobio Scientific's STARletTM-CFX96TM and NimbusTM-CFX96TM automated platforms associated with Allplex(TM) multiplex tests were chosen to ensure the future of the consortium's molecular biology activity.

The Allplex(TM) multiplex tests, that will be implemented on both platforms, enable each diagnostics facility to automate the screening of sexually transmitted diseases and other gastrointestinal infections, from one unique primary tube per indication while significantly improving results turnaround time.

With these new technologies provided by Eurobio Scientific as part of its molecular biology offer,  BIOGROUP-LCD will efficiently meet clinician's expectations and, more generally, address current clinical issues such as diagnostic testing extensiveness and speed.

 « After a period of strong growth for our Group, we now focus on optimizing its business. With Eurobio Scientific solutions, we are moving into the 21st century, by offering to doctors and patients medical tests that meet the new standards of personalized medicine, » says Dr. Stéphane Eimer,M.D., Charmain of BIOGROUP-LCD.

Jean-Michel Carle, President of Eurobio Scientific Management Board concludes: « This agreement with BIOGROUP-LCD demonstrates the quality of our molecular biology offering and its relevance with the needs of medical laboratory consortia that are being created in France. We are proud to work with the number 3 in this sector by providing innovations that perfectly meet its strategic goals."

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Key player in French medical biology, BIOGROUP-LCD is a consortium of 300 medical diagnostic laboratories held by 350 medical biologists, pharmacists or doctors, all professionals in these laboratories. Founded in 1998 by Dr. Stéphane Eimer, M.D., at Wittelsheim in Alsace, followed by the association with Dr. Christophe Lenys, M.D., from Colmar in 2000, the group continued to grow with the association of local structures, initially in the East of France, and the pooling of resources and skills. After several further acquisitions, particularly in the Paris region, BIOGROUP-LCD is now the third largest French player in the sector with more than 300 laboratories. Still evolving, BIOGROUP-LCD aims at becoming a key French laboratory for biology, serving healthcare on a national basis.

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