Equal in Every Way

“Men named John hold more CEO titles than all women combined.” That’s a sobering statistic, one noted by author Nancy Miller-Rich in our Think Tank, Top Women in Healthcare Talk Gender Parity. While that stat encompasses all industries, women in senior levels in pharma, including CEOs, are well aware of the cultural biases that overwhelmingly favor men for C-Suite positions over women who are just as qualified, talented, and driven.

And that, our authors say, has to change. PM360 enlisted 12 of these women to discuss the biases they’ve encountered. The rise of the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements is now forcing the issue of equality in the workplace to the forefront. And author Sharon Callahan adds, “Parity in pay is the first step in being equal in every other way.”

At the same time, one of the single-most important issues—and the most complicated—for pharma marketers: Working successfully with payers in a burgeoning outcomes-based healthcare system as mergers of all types occur—between insurers, provider groups, pharmacy chains, and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs).

In our Focus On: Payer/Provider Strategies section, industry experts take an in-depth look at what all this means in terms to marketers. Reimbursement ranks as a top concern and author Michael Zilligen explains, “Today’s reimbursement landscape has shifted from one of volume to one of value, and as a result, payers and population health managers are more closely scrutinizing the clinical and economic aspects of current and emerging pharmaceutical treatment options to better understand product differentiation.”

From there, our Focus On contributors examine everything you need to know including price negotiations, value propositions, RWE, HEOR, value-based payments, the benefit verification process, and even how to help prevent patients from feeling overwhelmed by the process. It all adds up to helping to improve pharma-payer relationships—and ultimately outcomes for patients.

Finally, watch for our May issue, as we celebrate our ELITE Award Winners, the Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Innovators, and Transformers—the powerhouses who push the industry forward. We invite you to come and rub elbows with these industry luminaries at a special celebratory networking event on July 10th at 230 FIFTH in NYC. This is one celebration you don’t want to miss!


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