Embassy Lakes Animal Hospital Educates Pet Owners about Holiday Health Hazards

COOPER CITY, Fla., Nov. 20, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pet owners need to know about potential dangers for their pets during the holiday season and save themselves a trip to the emergency room. As pet owners decorate, cook and prepare for the holiday season, pets are exposed to foods, plants and decorative items that can cause significant illness and injury. As veterinarians who care about the health of pets, Embassy Lakes Animal Hospital believes that prevention and awareness of holiday health hazards can help pets and their owners enjoy a healthy and happy holiday season.  

There are a range of health hazards in December that pets are often not exposed to during other months of the year. Plants such as poinsettias, mistletoe and holly are often used as decorations, but can pose a significant health issue for pets if ingested. Remember that cats are careful climbers and will find a way to access items that are of interest. Trees can cause injury to a pet and others. Climbing cats can easily unbalance and knock them over and potentially incur physical injury. Gift wrapping supplies including ribbon, string and scissors may be attractive. Scissors can cause lacerations and injury and ribbon and string may be ingested and cause internal injury and complications. Flickering candle light can invite attention and a pet may knock lit candles over, leading to burns and fire hazards. A number of holiday foods and snacks may not be able to be safely consumed by pets. Avoid giving pets foods containing onions, garlic, dark chocolate, grapes, raisins or sugar free candy.

Seek immediate medical attention for symptoms including rapid breathing, pale gums, seizures, unconsciousness, excessive bleeding or difficulty standing. Embassy Lakes Animal Hospital handles accidental poisonings, intestinal distress, lacerations and other trauma. Keep pets safe by using battery-operated candles, keeping holiday supplies and food in high places, and using silk versions of poisonous flowers and plants.

“All pet owners should be aware of potential pet exposure to holiday hazards which may require the immediate attention of a veterinarian,” said Dr. Daniel E. Levin. “I believe in preventing health problems in beloved pets whenever possible. Unfortunately we frequently see animals come in for emergency care due to ingestion of toxic substance or injury during the holiday season. Keep pets healthy during the holidays with a few simple steps and reach out immediately if there are any signs of poisoning or other health issues.”

Daniel E. Levin, DVM, and Krista Seraydar, DVM, of Embassy Lakes Animal Hospital serve owners and their pets in Cooper City and surrounding Florida communities. This full service animal hospital provides pets and owners with world-class animal care. Services include pet wellness exams, dental care, preventative veterinary care and emergency care.

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