ELITE 100 Awards

PM360 ELITE 100

The PM360 ELITE 100 recognizes the most influential people in healthcare and the life sciences—true catalysts who are creating extraordinary results. They are the industry’s most powerful minds and are the ones responsible for designing the future of healthcare. They represent the top echelon of our industry based on the impact they have made throughout their careers. Anyone from a manufacturer (pharma, medical device, diagnostics, biotech, or specialty pharma/biotech), advertising agency, or any company serving the healthcare industry, is eligible.

DEADLINE: March 15 (any entries submitted after 2/23 are subject to a $200 late fee)


PM360 is looking for people in the following categories:

Transformational Leaders: People who change the way things work within an organization—whether that involves building a whole new organizational structure, a new way to handle projects or turning around a failing business.

Leaders of the Future: Up-and-coming junior people who have displayed the characteristics of an emerging leader.

Data Miners: Individuals specializing in analytics within the pharma/biotech/med device industry and those who support the healthcare industry who are able to turn hordes of numbers and research into actionable insight.

Creative Directors: The heads of marketing teams known for their daring creative and jealousy-inducing campaigns.

Tech-know Geeks: Innovators who are developing technological breakthroughs and are helping to reshape the industry.

Entrepreneurs: Visionary risk-takers who are developing new companies to answer unmet needs and fill the voids that many people didn’t even realize existed.

Sales MVPs: The sales leaders within a company who are doing an outstanding job of building revenue and forming relationships that add to the growth of the company.

Strategists: Anyone with a sixth sense for what works and the ability to predict what a company will need to do in order to remain relevant as the industry evolves.

Disrupters: People who are not afraid to disrupt the status quo and change the way the industry operates.

Mentors: The industry gurus who serve as the role models that everyone else aspires to emulate.

Master Educators:  People on a mission to revolutionize the way that patients and/or doctors learn and absorb the information that life science companies have to offer. (For instance CME programs, medical journals, universities, etc.)

Launch Experts: Marketers with significant success in bringing a new drug to market or revitalizing an old drug with a fresh campaign.

Patient Advocates: Patients who network, speak out and support the advancement of new treatments and better care.

Drug Researchers and Developers: The scientists, researchers and clinical trial experts who are moving the industry forward with breakthrough and efficient treatments options.

Digital Crusaders: The individuals advancing applications of digital channels or platforms to transform marketing and/or company operations.

Marketing Teams: Teams from manufacturers (pharma, specialty, medical device), agencies, supplier/vendors, or some combination of the three that have achieved great marketing success as a group.

PR Gurus: Communication experts who are masters at spreading news and good publicity.

Talent Acquisition Leaders: Job recruiters and HR executives with a keen eye for recognizing top talent and placing them in the right roles. 

Philanthropic Heroes: Anyone who works within our industry and is doing extraordinary charity work or philanthropic endeavors. The charity work does not have to be healthcare-related, and can be anything that is helping individuals, communities, or the world at large.

Environmental Champions: Individuals or teams within the life sciences and healthcare marketing industries who are leading environmental or sustainability efforts within their organization or even outside of their day jobs. These efforts can be anything related to improving the global environment; reducing carbon footprint; eliminating harmful or excessive waste; and creating a more sustainable company, society, and/or economy.

Submission Criteria: There is no limit on the number of people that each organization or individual can nominate. However, submissions will be judged on quality, not quantity. In other words, nominees will not benefit from multiple submissions made by the same affiliated company. Companies are also encouraged to nominate individuals outside of their organizations.

Past winners can be nominated again, but their submissions should focus on their most recent achievements. Submissions for nominees who have not won should include achievements from throughout their careers.

Each submission should include an application statement prepared as a Word doc and attached to the online form. There is no maximum length, but it must be at least 300 words. Each nomination, however, must be substantial in describing what makes the individual or team exceptional and how they are influencing the industry. It must also clearly describe how they fit into the category or categories for which they are nominated.

Nominators can also submit supplementary materials including visual materials, samples, testimonials, charts, diagrams, etc. Files under about 50MB can be submitted as attachments along with your application. For anything larger contact kayla.walsh@pm360online.com for information about our ftp server.

The submissions will be judged by the editors of PM360 and the most exceptional nominees will be featured in the May issue.

Confidentiality: Any proprietary data submitted will be kept strictly confidential. Any information that will be published about the selected nominees will be subject to final approval by the nominee/nominator.

Fees: Each submission costs $495 (after 2/23 an additional $200 late fee will be added for a total fee of $695)

Nominees in Multiple Categories: A nominee may be entered in more than one category. However, each person requires only a single application statement no matter how many categories for which they choose to be considered. You will simply be able to check multiple categories on the submission form when you enter.

Nominees in the Marketing Team Category: Please list all of the names, titles and companies for the nominees in the Marketing Team category on the submission statement. On the entry form you can just list something like, “The XXXX Brand Team.”

Submissions will be evaluated on:

  • How well does it demonstrate why the nominated person fits into at least one of the available categories?
  • Why is the person or team considered influential or worthy of recognition?
  • What are some of his/her/their greatest achievements throughout his/her/their entire career? Or for the team category: What has the group been able to achieve together? (Include examples of how the team came together to master some of the biggest hurdles they have had to face or experienced results that surpassed goals and expectations.)
  • Is there supporting evidence to back up this claim? Nominators should consider supplying examples of the nominee’s work; any evidence of the effectiveness of his/her/their work (or team if nominating in the team category) strategies, etc.; relevant metrics that can corroborate the statements made; personal accounts from colleagues and employees; awards or honors that the nominee received and any other materials that the nominator feels is relevant.
  • Does the submission meet all of the minimum requirements (i.e., an application statement that is at least 300 words; does it provide info beyond the standard bio; does it demonstrate how the individual fits into at least one of the categories; etc.)?