ELITE Transformational Leader Yan Fossat of Klick Health

Yan Fossat

Vice President, Labs

Klick Health


The Empathetic Technologist

Yan Fossat is a leading healthcare transformer because he quite literally transforms emerging technologies into innovative solutions that improve patient outcomes on a daily basis.

As VP of Klick Labs (Klick Health’s digital innovation hub), Yan and his team of technologists, technical explorers, engineers, application developers, and medical animators, study the worlds of science, technology, and business to connect new dots, solve important problems, and bring to market Intellectual Property and invaluable solutions for life sciences.

Under his leadership, Klick Labs has created custom virtual reality and biometric experiences for several pharma companies. The team is currently working with a major U.S. hospital on a clinical study using VR to help measure patient outcomes. They also recently introduced Klick’s patent-pending SymPulse™ Tele-Empathy Device, which digitizes and transmits Parkinson’s Disease tremors to enable HCPs and caregivers to better experience what it’s like to be in a patient’s shoes and explore how to achieve better care for the more than 40 million people living with movement disorders in the U.S. alone.

Klick Labs is quickly making a name for itself within the digital health community—acting as an accelerator partner to biopharma companies and providing them with the capabilities, ingenuity, and physical lab space they need to advance their work in innovation and develop new solutions to truly advance patient outcomes.

Using scientific, evidence-based methodologies, Yan’s team validates their hypotheses through a variety of studies and experiments. This approach allows them to create and market platforms, solutions, and tools that offer real benefits to healthcare providers and patients alike. Developing empathetic technology platforms and devices, for instance, has become a major thrust of Klick Lab’s work because empathy is a critical component of healthcare and has been proven to help facilitate accurate diagnoses and treatment.


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