ELITE Transformational Leader Vince Rainsford of Medtronic

Vince Rainsford

Vice President, Marketing Operations, Minimally Invasive Therapies Group




Bringing Modern Marketing to Med Device

The medical device industry, even more than pharma, has been slow to adopt modern marketing practices, but that has only motivated Vince Rainsford more. He has made it his mission to ensure Medtronic’s Minimally Invasive Therapies Group (MITG) is up to speed with the latest marketing techniques. His determination and persistence has helped the Marketing Operations team to grow from two people to 31, including teams in Canada and Latin America, as well as secure funding for a best-in-class integrated marketing technology stack.

“Vince is not a self-promoter but always advocates for the expansion and adoption of modern marketing best practices,” says Jeff Rummer, Director Global Marketing Operations, Medtronic. “We have a nickname for Vince when he gets passionate about modern marketing—Vinsanity.”

One thing Vince is passionate about: The professional development of his team. Not only has he focused on hiring talent from outside the industry to accelerate growth, but he also ensures that everyone is a certified Eloqua Master or Luminary, and further supplements those certifications with SiriusDecisions and SalesForce.com SFDC training. So far the integration of Eloqua and SFDC has resulted in an average of more than 500 global leads per month, which project out to more than $200 million in digital marketing contributed revenue. The team’s work has also allowed them to consolidate more than 50 websites into a single MITG web presence.

“Vince is exactly the type of leader you want driving change and results within a large company that’s used to doing things ‘the way they’ve always been done,’” explains Lynsay Russell, Marketing Operations Manager, Medtronic, and the newest member of Vince’s team. “He never stops challenging each one of us on his team, as well as our senior leaders to rethink the way we market to and take care of our customers. If it weren’t for Vince diligently working to change the mindset of our colleagues using modern marketing best practices, I wouldn’t be here having a blast creating great campaigns that bring our customers and our salesforce together. I feel privileged to work on Vince’s team and to have the opportunity to learn from him each day.”


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