ELITE Transformational Leader Venus Yadav of Genentech

Venus Yadav

Associate Director, LUCENTIS Marketing


Extraordinary Brand and Leadership Experience

Venus Yadav was faced with a challenge: Bringing new opportunities for growth to a brand that was facing intense competition and had already been on the market for several years. He led his team on the search for the characteristic that differentiates LUCENTIS through carefully planned awareness, trial, and usage (ATUs) studies, ad boards, and customer interviews. These efforts led him and his team to uncover something that can’t be found in a clinical study—their secret sauce is their extraordinary experience working with the LUCENTIS field teams and programs.

The concept caught on and “extraordinary experience” was quickly included as part of their vision. It was the inspiration for the successful “We Specialize in You” campaign that Venus spearheaded for the LUCENTIS access and distribution programs.

It also inspired Venus to push his team to continuously think of ways to further deliver this “extraordinary experience.” And over the past three years he’s made more changes than most accomplish in 10 years!

Just some examples of how his team continues to evolve the brand under his leadership include:

  • Expansion of the product distribution model.
  • Launch a new provider engagement program.
  • A seamless rollout of a new, pre-filled syringe.
  • New resources and tools for the field distribution teams.
  • Practice education on evolving reimbursement issues.
  • Improvements to the co-pay card program.

But constant change means nothing if it isn’t delivering results. And, well, all of their hard work and dedication to the brand has been paying off. Venus and his team’s contributions have supported the brand to more than $1 billion in sales even after 10 years on the market and helped to identify new avenues for future growth. As “extraordinary experience” continues to pave the way for LUCENTIS, it has also come to coincidently describe what it’s like to work under Venus Yadav’s leadership.


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