ELITE Transformational Leader Stephen Hoelper of MediSolutions

Stephen Hoelper

Vice President of Marketing and Product Development




Leading a Strategic Reorganization

MediSolutions decided to embark on a strategic reorganization and Stephen Hoelper was appointed to lead the evolution. For three decades, MediSolutions (formerly MediScripts) has been recognized as a leading provider of tamper-resistant prescription pads. But in order to meet shifting market demands, the company expanded its leadership team to establish a suite of technology-enabled products.

Enter Stephen, whose experience in strategic product development, commercialization, sales, and marketing made him an ideal candidate to establish a “Beyond the Pill” digital health division at MediSolutions. This new division is focused on co-creating innovative healthcare solutions. Recently, Stephen spearheaded a partnership with Self Care Catalysts—a patient solutions, intelligence, and analytics company—to help create MediSolutions’ first-ever offering designed to help patients actively participate and manage their own healthcare.

In addition to driving the development of new offerings, Stephen is also revamping the organizational structure at MediSolutions. His focus: Creating one cohesive program of change. For example, by integrating management, sales, and marketing efforts—and then establishing a common vision—these cross-functional teams can better work together to achieve a goal.

Transforming companies is nothing new to Stephen. While at Merck, he was a founding member of the company’s technology innovation group responsible for much of the early work in mobile health. By initiating a global mobile health practice, Stephen helped to drive Merck from 94th to fourth place in Innovation Week’s 500 Most Innovative Companies.

And in 2012, Stephen co-founded Vree Health, where he and his team developed four patient engagement products, leading to a 50% increase in the sales pipeline. One of those products, TransitionAdvantage—a hospital-branded, post-discharge care coordination solution—was recognized as a Finalist in Dorland Health’s Case in Point Platinum Awards.

“Stephen sees the opportunity for impact all around him,” says Erez Lapsker, CEO, MediSolutions. “He is a visionary and engages people in his innovative strategies, creating a collective sense of commitment and purpose. Stephen has been a change agent at MediSolutions, driving the evolution of product solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers.”


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