ELITE Transformational Leader Scott Shively of Depomed, Inc.

Scott Shively

Senior Vice President  and Chief Commercial Officer

Depomed, Inc.


Stimulating Specialty Pharma’s Growth

Scott Shively is a specialty specialist. Throughout his career, he has gone into specialty pharma companies and transformed their commercial teams to excel at acquiring new assets, launching new brands and achieving rapid business growth. He has done it at Endo, Alpharma, Zogenix and now at Depomed.

“As a company, we seek to be recognized as true leaders in our field—not just as a company selling branded products,” Scott explains. “This helps us build excellent relationships with our customers and key stakeholders, and they recognize the level of commitment that we demonstrate to the Pain and CNS fields, and the added value we offer well beyond just our products. Our approach is truly one of partnering with all stakeholders. Through this approach, with patients as the ultimate beneficiaries, our company and shareholders benefit as well.”

The company recently acquired U.S. rights to Johnson & Johnson’s Nucynta products, which Scott believes will become two major assets. He is completing the expansion of the team to re-launch these products in the very near future and expects enormous potential growth—not only from these products, but also from others they bring in going forward. However, Scott says the real key to Depomed’s success is maintaining its exceptional company culture.

“I have a true passion around leadership and for developing people—it’s what keeps me really motivated in my role,” he adds. “We want to bring in top talent, develop our team members and provide career growth opportunities within our company. It’s a great place to work, and that reputation is helping to make our recruiting process very successful.”

But Scott is also thinking ahead to his long-terms goals for the company, which boils down to becoming the best.

“I want to generate rapid growth for our company and continue to build the business,” he says. “To grow and develop our team, so that we achieve our aspiration to be a leading specialty Pain and CNS company—with the top commercial team in the business.”


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