ELITE Transformational Leader Matthew Howes of PALIO, an inVentiv Health company

Matthew Howes

Executive Vice President, Strategy & Growth

PALIO, an inVentiv Health company



Fusing Services to Meet Client Needs

With today’s agency consolidation, budget contractions, and competitive jockeying, an agency must constantly rise above the noise with alertness and strategic ingenuity. For PALIO—and all across inVentiv Health—Matthew Howes is the force that makes that happen again and again.

By synthesizing agency service elements into one core offering, Matthew has transformed the typical agency model, which traditionally siloed various strategic disciplines. At PALIO, medical strategy, brand planning, and customer engagement are fused into one powerful client service under his guidance and direction. For the agency and the pharmaceutical industry, he has nurtured a strategic culture to surmount the artificiality of specialty.

“There’s no single strategic way to uncover true human context,” Matthew states, “All that matters is that it’s uncovered—and action plans coalesce around that discovery.” Matthew’s vision is one informed by more than 20 years experience in developing strategies for businesses serving more than 100 million people every month—and generating over a billion dollars in revenue every year.

His wide-ranging expertise makes him a natural for this iconoclastic role. Before assuming the EVP, Strategy & Growth role for PALIO, he was Head of Strategic Services for inVentiv Digital + Innovation, entrenched in the technology that helps both consumer and professional brands launch customer engagement platforms.

It’s that depth of familiarity and experience across the inVentiv network that enables him to integrate his vision with PR and MedCom workstreams. He leads workshops. Defines strategies. Hones client relationships. It’s what fuels his ongoing thought leadership initiatives. Matthew is recognized throughout the industry, writing a monthly column for Center Watch and contributing regularly to industry press.

But there’s much more to Matthew than accomplishments. He is greatly admired by his colleagues, teams, and throughout the pharmaceutical community as an industry savant who consistently accomplishes goals and delivers results with gentlemanly aplomb.


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