ELITE Transformational Leader Matt Giegerich of Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide

Matt Giegerich

Chairman & CEO

Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide


Building an Agency Powerhouse

From 1999, when he served as a primary player in the creation of the CommonHealth organization, to his orchestration of CommonHealth’s merger with Ogilvy & Mather to form OCHWW in 2010, Matt’s laser-like focus and keen insights have kept the agency continually at the forefront of industry trends.​​ One current illustration of this—Matt is preparing to expand upon OCHWW’s Wellness discipline to include a Wellbeing offering, a move designed to reflect the changing dynamics of the health and wellness space as consumers continue to put a higher priority on achieving a more healthful lifestyle in all aspects of their lives.

When he saw the need to better aid clients in the market access arena, he encouraged his team to look for new solutions. That led to the acquisition of Element Marketing Group, now Ogilvy CommonHealth Market Access. When pricing pressures became pervasive across their client base, Matt pushed the organization to create RedWorks Express, a low-cost, derivative-based production solution. He also encouraged the company to expand in other areas as well, including social media and marketing, online physician communities, physician behavior modeling, neuroscience-based market research, and unique mobile apps for creating and serving content. As an attentive student of healthcare marketing, Matt always seems to know what the industry needs before most everyone else.

Matt has also been the driving force behind the company’s efforts to reshape their global network through greater investments in global hub offices located in New York, New Jersey, London, Paris and Singapore; consolidating local market offices within Europe to improve scale and create efficiencies; and launching new offices in areas such as Dubai, where they anticipate future need and growth. And he is always looking out for the industry’s best interests in the U.S. as Chairman of the Board for the Coalition for Healthcare Communications.

“Matt is universally recognized, lauded and supported by his global and U.S. boards, key senior managers, peers and colleagues, and the rank and file of the organization,” explains Shaun Urban, Managing Partner, OCHWW. “He has proven himself time and again to be a forward-thinking, precedent-setting role model—a true transformational leader.”


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