ELITE Transformational Leader Marci Piasecki of GSW

Marci Piasecki

President, GSW North America, an inVentiv Health company




Changing the Conversation on Healthcare

Marci Piasecki is leading GSW’s charge to change the conversation in healthcare by creating empathetic and relevant connections between people and their health.

GSW, an industry leader in healthcare advertising and an inVentiv Health company, introduced Speak People in 2014, the company’s approach to create personalized brand experiences that involve, inspire, educate, and activate people. From strategic planning to creative experience, Marci is at the helm of the initiative and its success.

Since its launch, Speak People has continued to advance GSW’s work including milestones such as the unveiling of the Epilepsy Empathy Project, in which virtual reality technology enabled neurologists to actually feel an epileptic seizure. In a similar vein, GSW helped magnify the personal connection that healthcare providers, patients, and sales reps have with diabetes, through the short film series, “Whose Diabetes Do You Have?”

Under Marci’s leadership, GSW raised the bar again with a disease education campaign, which used a group of small, red fish to represent blood cells in a demonstration about atrial fibrillation and blood clots. The fish pooled together in the heart, formed a clot in the valves, then broke free and caused a stroke in the brain, clarifying the disease’s progression for consumers.

Speak People also challenged the industry with new thinking about the clarity and effectiveness of health communications by using hidden cameras to expose reactions of unsuspecting shoppers at a coffee shop, flower boutique, and fine restaurant when confronted with a clinical rendition of common-brand communications.

Thanks to Marci’s leadership and Speak People, in 2015 alone, GSW acquired 25 new brands/clients, hired 139 new employees, and was nominated and short-listed for more than 30 awards across North America. Particularly significant was a short-list nod for the agency’s “TearLab Mr. Hyperosmolarity” project, aiding in the diagnosis of dry eye disease, at the Cannes Lions Health Award Show.

Marci’s direct, insightful approach to her interaction with people is the perfect combination of honesty and respect and a true testament to GSW’s Speak People brand. Marci’s leadership has helped propel GSW’s direction and momentum supported by a powerful value proposition and the impact of the Speak People initiative.


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