ELITE Transformational Leader Frank X. Powers of Dudnyk

Frank X. Powers




Creating a Culture of Creativity

Do you want to know the secret to Frank Powers’ success? “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” That’s right, Yoda. While it may just be his favorite movie quote, it also reveals the force within Frank—the relentless drive he has to succeed and to push everyone around him to be better.

Frank joined the account ranks at Dudnyk in 2000, and by 2009 he had created such an impact across the organization that he was asked to assume the role of president. He reinvigorated the 22-year old agency, infusing it with energy and excitement at a time when many companies of similar size were closing their doors. In the past six years, Frank led the transformation of Dudnyk from a largely project-based, traditional print agency to a digitally integrated, multichannel industry pioneer. His vision has enabled the company to flourish.

During Frank’s tenure, the agency more than doubled in revenue, head count and space. It was even named one of the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing privately held businesses in the U.S. And just this year, Dudnyk was ranked 15th among the Best Places to Work in PA. That achievement also speaks to Frank’s desire to foster a unique culture that brings creativity, teamwork and personal growth to a level that is unheard of in the industry. Frank even conceived and implemented a program meant to fulfill employee’s ultimate desires. Dudnyk’s “Dream Weaver” program assigns employees a “dream manager” (aka an agency-resourced facilitator) to help them marshal agency resources to fulfill their dreams—and most aren’t even career related.

Frank’s ability to build and retain client relationships is equally legendary. His clients don’t just become business associates, they become lifelong friends. As one of Frank’s long-time clients put it, “When you feel like Frank believes in you, you want to believe in yourself even more.”


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