ELITE Transformational Leader Danielle Bedard of inVentiv Health

Danielle Bedard

President, Managed Markets

inVentiv Health

Seeing the Connections

Danielle Bedard’s thoughtful and focused. She knows the rules, and how to use them to her advantage. She sees surprising connections, and seizes the opportunities afforded by surprising combinations. And that’s just when she’s playing Scrabble.

The qualities that make Danielle a challenging—even intimidating—prospect across a game board manifest themselves in ways that make her an engaging and visionary leader. She has a passion for identifying the unexpected connections between and within organizations. It’s a skillset she started honing when she brought her training in the psychology of complex organizations and a native interest in public health to an entry-level position at a Palio.

As Danielle advanced leadership positions, she recognized she could do more. As she helped establish a new markets-focused group within the agency, she identified the opportunity to look inward at how the organization itself could work better. So, she took on the daunting task of building an entirely new offering within inVentiv Health.

The strategic and operational excellence she put in place positioned the new department to bloom into a full agency on its own. With Danielle leading the way, inVentiv Health Managed Markets set aspirational goals for profitability and growth—and has consistently exceeded them. “Clients consistently remark on how impressed they are with the strategic excellence and quality of work she and her team deliver,” says Lisa Stockman, President of inVentiv Health Communications. “This is why they keep coming back for more, as demonstrated by 30% year over year growth and award-winning work.”

Today, inVentiv Health Managed Markets is the preeminent center of expertise in payer marketing at time when payer insight and communications is emerging as a lynchpin to any successful go-to-market plan. Danielle leads a team of subject matter experts, relationship managers, producers, content creators, and artists who thrive in the organization she has created.

Open and fair. Thoughtful and driven. Engaging and warm. Those aren’t just words that describe Danielle Bedard. They’re words she could use to crush you at Scrabble. Especially if she finds an open Triple Word Score square. And she will. Oh, she will.


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