ELITE Transformational Leader Chris Martini of PatientPoint

Chris Martini

President, Hospital Solutions & Chief Provider Officer




Growing a Business Beyond its Bounds

What one thing makes a leader transformational? Vision. When Chris Martini joined the PatientPoint team in 2007, the company had a robust offering of patient education solutions in physician offices nationwide, but had yet to explore broadening its reach through hospitals and healthcare networks. Chris’ vision led PatientPoint to launch the hospital solutions business with the acquisition of a family-owned company that held relationships with roughly 300 hospitals nationwide.

Bringing this company—and its robust local sales team—under the PatientPoint umbrella provided the foundation for the hospital and physician solutions business. The Hospital Solutions division continues to grow under Chris’ leadership—more than tripling since the acquisition in 2008. PatientPoint today serves more than 750 hospitals nationwide, providing clients with opportunities to reach a much larger audience of patients and physicians than it ever has before.

Not content to sit back, Chris recognized an opportunity to expand the company’s reach beyond patient education. He played a central role in development of the go-to-market strategy targeting providers and health systems for PatientPoint Access, a back office physician medical news program, and PatientPoint Interact, an interactive exam room touchscreen solution that allows physicians and patients to easily explore an illness or treatment plan together using educational materials and 3D anatomical graphics.

Growth of the provider solutions business has been transformational for PatientPoint employees. Chris is directly responsible for more new hires than anyone else within the company. Additionally, he created an engaging program that leads all employees down a path of career growth. One example: At the time of the acquisition, an employee who was the print press operator for the organization—under Chris’ leadership—grew to become a director of operations at the company’s facility in Little Rock.

Chris is known for his “people-first” mentality. He values the relationships he’s built with hospitals, physicians, and pharmaceutical companies, growing these teams to more than 100 representatives nationwide. His vision revolutionized the PatientPoint sales model, placing a strong emphasis on local client and healthcare provider solutions, leading to significant growth for the company. That’s real vision. And that’s transformational.


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