ELITE Tech-Know Geek Lisa Flaiz

Lisa Flaiz

Group Product Director, Digital Marketing

Formerly of Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson

Health IT’s Go-To Expert

Staying at the forefront of innovative marketing tools and technologies to better patient care, HCP communication, and connectivity of all industry stakeholders is something Lisa Flaiz knows quite a lot about. Her goal is always to stay on top of these developments—no matter how many times the goalposts move.

It was due to the growing importance of EMRs/EHRs in all phases of healthcare that Lisa realized Health IT needed to be addressed throughout the patient care continuum, extending beyond EHR to medication ordering, ePrior Authorization, patient engagement tools, and educational materials.

“I realized that there was a limited knowledge base surrounding EMR/EHR within Janssen,” says Lisa. “I saw that there were additional opportunities for me to help make a positive impact for patients and providers in these areas.”

Seeing this, Lisa sprang into action and took the initiative to accelerate numerous projects in this space. Due to her knowledge of Health IT, expertise, and professional network, she has been able to pilot programs focused on patient savings, patient education, HCP engagement, adherence, and patient support programs. Lisa realized the potential for pharma to improve access to its therapies, increase awareness among HCPs of patient support programs, and aid patients in not only gaining access to therapies, but also in achieving improved outcomes through Health IT. At Janssen, Lisa became the go-to expert on all Health IT across the industry—a phenomenal feat.

Through Lisa’s work in the industry, she continues to spread the message of the potential impact of EHRs to improve patient care, access to support materials, education, and adherence across the healthcare landscape. It’s Lisa’s passion—and her expertise in EMR/EHR-related matters—that has positioned her as a thought leader in this emerging channel. There’s no doubt that you can expect to hear more from this Health IT dynamo—and see much more improvement in this important space.


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