ELITE Tech-Know Geek Kendra Fanara of Janssen Therapeutics

Kendra Fanara

Product Director, Infectious Disease

Janssen Therapeutics


Tapping Into EHRs’ Potential

When the U.S. government revolutionized patient care just a few short years ago by allowing people to access their electronic health records (EHRs) online using the new Blue Button program, Kendra Fanara recognized an immediate problem. Even though patients were given access to their EHRs, the information was virtually indecipherable to ordinary people. But Kendra knew that when patients play an active role in their care, they’re far more motivated to stay on treatment. She just needed to find a way to bridge the gap and help patients better understand their EHRs.

For hepatitis C patients, Kendra and her team were able to solve the problem by developing a life-saving mobile app called INSIGHT by the makers of Olysio. It was the first-ever mobile app dedicated to bringing patients’ EHRs to life. The app’s beautifully displayed fluid interface gives patients insight into their own treatment progress, in real time, for 17 key tests. Users can also learn what each test measures, explore what the data means, and then learn how to talk about that data with a doctor.

With Kendra’s guidance, her team also integrated many existing Olysio patient support offerings into the app. For instance, to help patients find emotional support, the app offers a comprehensive hepatitis C support group directory. The app also enhances people’s treatment journeys by offering lifestyle tips and financial assistance information. And patients can even inspire others by sharing their story through Janssen’s SHARE Network.

Both patients and physicians have enthusiastically embraced the app. As one physician explains, “If patients are more aware of their progress, they are more compliant.” Another claimed that the app “saves time for us and patients.” And yet another declared, “This is the future!” Meanwhile one patient said it, “Motivates me to stay on treatment.” While another exclaimed, “I can SEE I’m actually cured!”

In fact, the app has been such a success that Janssen has already enlisted Kendra’s help in rolling out this platform for other disease states and medications, and in so doing, Kendra continues to explore the untapped potential of EHRs.


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