ELITE Tech-know Geek Jason Levy of Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness

Jason Levy

SVP, Experience Strategy & Innovation

Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness



Tech that Out-performs the Benchmarks

A consummate tech-junkie, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness’ Jason Levy—also a blog author at jmlevy.tumblr.com—leads Experience Strategy and Innovation for this high-profile worldwide agency. His team members—user experience, social media, and marketing technology experts—see him as both driven and dedicated to understanding the many ways tech can help agency programs—and then implementing these tech insights for the benefit of patients and physicians.

His most recent accomplishment? Mapping out a unique global clinical resource that uses artificial intelligence to connect physicians with materials and other KOLs.  

To implement social media for his particular healthcare clients, Jason and his team found ways to overcome regulatory and privacy hurdles. For instance, his solution for a social media campaign for a breast cancer treatment provided patients with a new way to post custom-designed motivational messages on Facebook. He and his team created a simple-to-use online tool called the Arimidex “Frame of Mind.” With this tool, women could use website content to post a positive or uplifting outlook meme for themselves and others in their communities to share. Not only did women take to the idea, but this cutting-edge tool also helped to create a way for the brand to support women in their battle with breast cancer—continuously.

Jason also led the charge to integrate in-depth user experience perspectives into the creative process. His team of experts works hand-in-hand with creative directors—at every stage along the way—to develop impactful and intuitive digital experiences for their audiences. The unique integration of this discipline into the creative process has led to the development of digital tools and solutions that out-perform the benchmarks.

The thing is—Jason just never stops innovating. He recently developed a prototype for a new “mental outlook lamp” that changes color depending on the person’s mood. By refining and designing cutting edge paths to positively change the ways we communicate about healthcare, he exhibits a strong commitment to improving health and wellness. And yes, a bit of geekiness, too.


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