ELITE Tech-know Geek Andrey Kulakavich of watzan

Andrey Kulakavich

Lead Developer




Putting the Social in All Healthcare Media

Andrey Kulakavich knows that if you want to really engage HCPs, you’ve got to wrap your arms around them immediately—well, your site does. The lead developer at watzan and a prime example of Gen Y’s strong desire to live, think, and do differently than all who have come before, the young man from a relatively obscure town in Nova Scotia—not the high profile Silicon Valley—exemplifies what it means to innovate.

Andrey takes social to a new level for some of the most important people in folks’ everyday lives—HCPs. It’s his passion. And although he may not have the fame of social media giants like Mark Zuckerberg, he does have the game, and HCPs who use watzan’s real-time CRM and social analytics platform—better known among the healthcare crowd as ZEN—get the help they need to better navigate choice, both easier and faster. After all, it helps meet the rapidly evolving demands of clinicians, patients and commercial interests in a multi-, multi-billion dollar industry.

So just how important is disruptive navigation in healthcare? HUGELY important. There’s now more content than ever. It’s expanding at incredible rates. At the same time, companies log endless data about clinician preferences in costly CRM systems. And clinicians are taking to social media in big numbers. In some specialties, nearly one in two HCPs use social media to learn, collaborate, and amplify thoughts.

Andrey’s team builds the platform that integrates CRM data, social preferences, and all types of content to make all healthcare media social. That changes every way HCPs choose information and every channel brands use to reach their audiences. Think about it. It’s unique content for each unique person. Just like you find on Facebook. Or Twitter. Or LinkedIn.

Mass emails using the ZEN platform become curated ZENmails. Personal. Almost like non-personal promotion in the leading engagement channel. Conference apps become personal Sherpa guides to the best sessions just for you. And brand.com sites give people reasons to go there and engage. Instead of just opting in for email, the site literally wraps around them. That’s disruption. That’s innovation. And that’s Andrey.


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