ELITE Talent Acquisition Leader Deb Stevens of Deb Stevens Consulting, LLC

Deb Stevens

President & Executive Recruiter

Deb Stevens Consulting, LLC

The Art of Finding Talent

Who do you call when you need unbiased career advice—and current salary intel?

Who do CEOs call when they win a pitch and need strong leaders?

Without a website or even a blog, Deb Stevens gets those calls. To those who know her, Deb is more than a “recruiter;” she is a trusted confidante and the “go to” resource within our industry. While it is her business to connect agencies with the talent they need—which she has done successfully for over two decades—her true passion is helping people successfully navigate their careers.

With a background in corporate Human Resources, Deb was tapped to lead HR for Robert A. Becker during its “go-go” years of lightning-speed growth. Armed with the Pharmaceutical Marketers Directory (no LinkedIn in the mid-1990s!), Deb reached out to people throughout the industry, meeting everyone she could and forging relationships that would endure for years to come. At Becker, Deb was also privy to the inner workings of agency management; her tenure there taught her more about building a business than any MBA program ever could.

When Becker merged under Havas, Deb was promoted to the top HR spot for the newly integrated network of healthcare agencies, with responsibility for 800+ employees. Realizing that she and her HR team were faster and more effective than external recruiters, Deb formalized one of the industry’s first internal recruitment teams, bringing pharma’s best talent to Havas.

In 2004, with just a phone and a laptop, Deb took the entrepreneurial leap and created Deb Stevens Consulting, now a thriving recruitment practice, built on the trust, friendships, and business acumen she gained during the Becker/Havas years. Celebrating her 13th anniversary this month, Deb speaks proudly of the clients (both agencies and candidates) who date back to the very beginning.

These days, recruiting is more than just an occupation, it’s an art—nobody practices it better than Deb Stevens.


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