ELITE Strategist Victoria Russo of Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Victoria Russo

Product Manager, Neurology

Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc.


Driving Customer Channel Growth

Strategy doesn’t happen by accident. It is driven by a keen understanding of the marketplace, deep product knowledge, and unique customer insights. These are the precise ingredients that Victoria Russo has been applying to her business at Sunovion. According to Mario Nacinovich, Managing Partner at AXON, “Victoria’s foresight has enabled her to help propel her brand to reach heightened levels of success in expanding markets.”

With responsibility for building knowledge and awareness of epilepsy and its treatment options, Victoria took new approaches to traditional tactics. Identifying customers who had not previously engaged in similar initiatives, Victoria executed a series of highly targeted, message-specific national and regional communications programs. Taking this effort to another level, she partnered with her Neurology and Sunovion COPD franchise colleagues to deliver multi-therapeutic content that was highly relevant and engaging. Victoria utilized live and digital content in small and large forums, and leveraged third-party organizations, including the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP), American Medical Directors Association (AMDA), and the Developmental Disabilities Nurse Association (DDNA), to expand reach.

This critical body of work has directly contributed to strong brand growth in specific channels. Victoria’s exceptional ability to collaborate with peers and industry partners has been recognized by the National Association of Directors of Nursing Association (NADONA) in Long Term Care, as well the Maryland Senior Care Pharmacists Chapter of ASCP as their Industry Partner of the Year. There is no denying that when Victoria is charged with a complex challenge, she meets it head-on with a comprehensive strategy that delivers results.


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