ELITE Strategist Mario R. Nacinovich Jr., MSc of AXON

Mario R. Nacinovich Jr., MSc

Managing Partner



The Trusted Partner

“He once went to the psychic, to warn her,” is recognized as one of the best “Most Interesting Man in the World” quotes but can easily be attributed to Mario Nacinovich. While he was a master at playing chess in his youth, enjoys reading about ancient warfare and claims to never have offered a strategic approach to a client without first understanding their unmet needs, Mario is one of the most trusted partners sought by clients to understand and embrace change.

As termed centuries ago by Master Sun Tzu, Mario possesses the uncanny ability to understand the process of “bian” or change—the constantly changing environment within which the strategist functions. Since inaugurating the specialist healthcare consulting practice for AXON (www.axon-com.com) in the U.S. in 2010, he has attracted some of the most exceptional talent (with no staff turnover over the last 24 months). Mario has also navigated the current environment of dynamic change to build one of the most enviable and impressive diversified list of U.S. and global clientele, supporting them across medical communications, public relations, clinical trial services and market access.

“Mario is an exceptionally strategic and valuable business partner,” says Henry W. McMillan, Director of Respiratory Marketing at Sunovion Pharmaceuticals. “What I value most is his ability to take conceptual ideas and bring back a detailed project and process blueprint that transforms my concepts into an executable plan. He is a trusted business partner who consistently delivers.”

Larry Gottlieb, President & CEO at the Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation (HVEDC), adds, “Mario has been a phenomenal resource for my organization as he has helped us expand our footprint within the bio/pharma space. He is an incredible resource, bringing an equally talented team of professionals at AXON to the challenges at hand.”

In addition to his day to day leadership role at AXON, Mario serves on the Board of Directors for NATIONAL Public Relations and the HVEDC. He also manages of one of the largest LinkedIn groups (nearly 15,000 members) dedicated to healthcare marketing, communications and education professionals. Mario’s goal is to meet unmet needs, which he accomplishes through a unique combination of collaboration and ingenuity.