ELITE Strategist Danielle Dunne of Allidura Consumer

Danielle Dunne

Managing Director

Allidura Consumer, part of inVentiv Health


Bringing a Healthcare Mindset to Consumer Brands

Growing a business 30-fold is quite an accomplishment—one that Danielle Dunne achieved in her first five years at the helm of Allidura Consumer, a communications agency that is part of the inVentiv Health PR Group. Formed to fill an unmet need, this booming agency specializes in the design of health and wellness strategies for consumer product goods and companies. To say that Allidura Consumer has flourished under Danielle’s leadership is almost an understatement.

In fact, since 2009, Allidura’s client roster has grown to include major companies such as The Coca-Cola Company, Nestlé Nutrition, Mondelez International and Johnson & Johnson. Danielle has worked with these companies to counsel and help bring to market many important corporate and brand initiatives. She worked with Mondelez International to introduce their first well-being and sustainability platform, “The Call For Well-being,” and she led Coca-Cola’s “America Is Your Park” campaign, which helped turn people’s physical activity into votes to refurbish a flood-ravaged park in Moore, OK. Most recently, she worked with JOHNSON’S on the brand’s first international launch, “So Much More.”

Innovating new approaches to help brands create powerful connections with consumers and influencers—journalists, bloggers, doctors, government advisors, etc.—is something Danielle never stops doing. In fact, she can’t turn it off. In 2014, she led the creation of two new initiatives. The first, Social @dvocacy, is a tailored approach to help health-driven and health-challenged companies build meaningful relationships with powerful brand advocates to drive awareness and action, protect and restore reputations, and enhance brand perception over time. The second, a Millennial health report, “The Millennial Mindset: The Worried Well,” done in conjunction with sister inVentiv agency, GSW, and Harris Poll, was one of the first looks at how the much-talked about Millennials think about and approach their health.

“No matter the issue, the crisis or general marketing opportunity, she always delivers,” says Robert L. Chandler, the now-retired founder of Allidura Consumer and the other agencies under the inVentiv Health PR Group. “She is a sheer pleasure with commanding presence. Clients adore her and her colleagues respect her as a person of great integrity. There is only one Danielle Dunne.”


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