ELITE Sales MVP Michael Byrnes of Rx EDGE Pharmacy Networks

Michael Byrnes

Executive Vice President, Sales

Rx EDGE Pharmacy Networks



Growing Business—The Right Way

Two of the most memorable advertising campaigns of the early ’80s came from a brokerage firm and an investment company. Everyone stopped what they were doing to listen to the wise advice of E.F. Hutton: “When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen.” Ads for Smith Barney popularized the expression, “We make money the old-fashioned way. We earn it.”

It has been many years since those phrases emanated from our TV sets, but either slogan describes the core of Mike Byrnes’ sales leadership approach. He is well respected in the industry and knows how to gain business the right way—through honesty, knowledge, and a commitment to client needs.

Working with Rx EDGE since its inception 14 years ago, Mike enjoys excellent working relationships with his sales team. Comments from the team demonstrate their appreciation for his guidance and leadership:

  • “He trusts us. Mike allows us to get out there and do our job.”
  • “He asks for our opinion and wants to have conversations around key decisions that affect us, rather than unilaterally deciding on a course of action.”
  • “You don’t feel like ‘just a sales rep calling on clients.’ You know you are part of a larger picture.”

In the pharmaceutical world, a sales job is especially challenging since marketers want to be sure their dollars are used as effectively and efficiently as possible while working with a provider who “speaks their language,” has a valuable product or service, and understands their objectives. Regulatory and legal guidelines loom large over every project. But Mike is a fighter—not afraid to get in the trenches to help out. He’s an advocate for clients and the company.

And he gets results. Mike has helped to significantly increase sales revenue; educate the pharmaceutical marketing community on the value of the retail pharmacy as a media channel and patient communication platform; and secured additional corporate agreements with leading pharma companies, among other accomplishments.

Finally, Mike consistently delivers. As one Rx EDGE employee puts it: “His long-standing, consistent, and unshakable approach to business has led to our company’s success, our team’s success, and our clients’ success.”


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