ELITE Sales MVP Ashik Desai of ContextMedia:Health

Ashik Desai

EVP of Business Growth & Analytics




Transforming Point of Care Sales

In a career defined by explosive growth across all metrics, Ashik Desai has reimagined what is possible for point of care sales and marketing.

As a direct result of Ashik’s sales efforts, ContextMedia:Health’s client list has grown to include more than 100 brands from 40+ of the top global pharma firms. ContextMedia:Health offers partner brands an approximate 40% script lift after delivering messaging on its platforms, according to third-party studies.

In addition to fostering a growing client list, Ashik has driven sales by creating new revenue streams at ContextMedia:Health. The Digital Exam Room Tablet, launched in 2013, was the first fully interactive digital user interface in the point of care space. Then, in 2015, Ashik helped launch and commercialize three new products into ContextMedia:Health’s suite—The Digital Exam Room Wallboard, Patient Mobile Connect, and the Digital Infusion Room Tablet—which together offer a dynamic, compressive, and effective messaging experience at the physician’s practice. To increase the volume and speed of sales, Ashik and his team worked tirelessly with their first customers to move the new products through medical regulatory review in record time. After deploying 25K Digital Exam Room Tablets in 2015, Ashik’s team is tracking to offer targeted messaging on more than 100K digital devices at the point of care in 2016.

This year, Ashik introduced innovation not just in pharma marketing platforms, but in the actual model in which marketers purchase programs with the introduction of ContextMedia:Health’s New Patient Start program. The NPS program offers brand partners the ability to purchase marketing outcomes at no risk, and at a favorable ROI.

Since joining ContextMedia:Health in 2013 at the age of 20, Ashik has led the team that more than doubled the firm’s year-over-year revenue, with sales of $26M in 2014, $66M in 2015, and a trajectory to $200M in 2016. In response to this growth, Ashik’s team has expanded from four employees at the beginning of 2014 to more than 50 as of March 2016.

In his leadership of ContextMedia:Health’s sales team, Ashik has championed innovation and impact at the point of care, and has helped bring top global brands to the center of the patient-physician dialogue.


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