ELITE PR Guru Carly Kuper of CMI/Compas

Carly Kuper

VP, Public Relations & Corporate Communications



Providing Pharma The Scoop

Pharma marketing leaders are being briefed daily by one person: Carly Kuper. Her exclusive email, The Scoop, arrives in the mailboxes of thousands of pharma clients every morning at 9 a.m. and gives them the information and insight that they need to stay on top of pharma’s ever-changing environment.

This daily briefing began more than five years ago as part of Carly’s strategy to help CMI/Compas to better strategically guide clients. “Clients were still very happy with the work we were doing for them, but they wanted more from us,” explains CEO Stan Woodland. “They knew we were smart, but didn’t get to hear our thoughts on where the industry was going and what we thought they should be doing.”

Carly developed a multi-point plan that included whitepapers and POVs that would not only give clients guidance, but would offer it in a way that worked for them—brief, to-the-point, and offering exactly the information they needed, including recommendations on actions to take. The plan also included a PR and social media strategy that would help CMI/Compas be better seen as an industry thought leader and resource. And, of course, the plan included The Scoop, which began as a pilot with only one client and then grew exponentially as client leads requested their team members and other colleagues be added.

“Carly’s dedication to making sure our clients are informed and that we are offering them unparalleled service is incredible,” says Dr. Susan Dorfman, Chief Commercial Officer at CMI/Compas. “She wants to make sure The Scoop is as fresh and timely as possible so she gets up every morning at 4 a.m. to write it—ensuring no important news is missed overnight.”

Additionally, Carly’s PR and social media strategy has built the company’s reputation, which has led to new business wins, staff increases, higher client ratings, and overall exponential business growth. With the organization’s growth, CMI gained the attention of the world’s largest holding company WPP, which then acquired CMI in 2016.

“The reputation of us being an indispensable partner was meaningful to the leaders at WPP,” Woodland adds, “and Carly’s impact was felt as we began our discussions.”


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