ELITE Mentor Tamra Micco of Natrel

Tamra Micco

Executive Director, Client Services




Creating Environments in Which Employees Thrive

Clarissa Stamler, Associate Director, Professional and Patient Advocacy at Innovation Partners, is just one beneficiary of what she likes to call, “The Tamra Effect.”

“Tamra Micco makes you feel like there is nothing you cannot do, no challenge that can’t be overcome,” Stamler explains. “Because of her mentorship and tutelage, I went on to achieve a marketing role with a major pharmaceutical company and lead an oncology launch for a dual indication product. To this day, I look to her for guidance and sound advice regularly.”

Stamler is not the only person to benefit from Tamra’s skills as a mentor. One of those skills is understanding that one size does not fit all. For example, when a promising new employee was struggling, Tamra intervened. She gave him a clear list of expectations, provided him with examples of what he did versus what he should do in various scenarios, permitted him to say “uncle” when he had too much on his plate, and changed his manager to someone more in keeping with his style and approach. She created an environment in which this person could thrive, and it opened a whole new world for him. He is now a budding superstar who continues to grow and advance.

In this industry, few managers make time to mentor their employees in the midst of deadline chaos. Tamra, however, was instrumental in developing and leading a peer mentoring program called Natrel Idol, a spin-off of American Idol. Employees don’t sing, but they do present. Four participants present on a topic in a lunch-and-learn setting with their peers. The audience votes on the best presentation, and the winner gets an AMEX gift card. As Tamra sees it, everyone wins: Presenters enhance their skillsets (both on the topic and presenting), and the audience learns more about four topics while enjoying a free lunch.

Ultimately, Tamra knows that the best mentorships result in the mentee paying it forward by being a good mentor to others and empowering them to also succeed. Lead by example. The Tamra Effect. It’s a powerful thing!


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