ELITE Mentor Georgette Pascale of Pascale Communications

Georgette Pascale

Founder and CEO

Pascale Communications



Benefitting Others by Paying it Forward

Solid strategic thinking: It is the one common quality Georgette Pascale has brought to the wide range of PR companies she has worked with throughout her stellar career. Through periods of high or low economic growth, Georgette’s strategic nature and leadership has made her endeavors successful—and drawn many accolades.

Having experience in diverse markets, including corporate “star” e-commerce, technology, and even the music business, Georgette Pascale picked up quite a bit of expertise during her career. But in 2005, she recognized an unmet need: A need for a specialty firm dedicated to serving the rapidly growing healthcare industry. In response, she founded Pascale Communications. Today, this intrepid leader is now spearheading efforts to expand her firm’s growth into global markets.

As a several-time award winner, Georgette possesses another extraordinary quality: She believes in paying her good fortune forward, happily offering her business acumen and insights to benefit junior professionals and students in multiple fields. In fact, one of her greatest honors is being invited as an instructor at her alma mater, Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). Seeing the excitement and passion in her students and sharing her valuable insights and tips has been extremely rewarding.

As a respected and beloved mentor, Georgette routinely establishes roles for women to lead and direct important accounts within her own company—and heads many efforts to empower women to become leaders in their chosen professions. She’s not one who holds her winning hands close, either. Instead, she prefers to share her time, knowledge, practical tips and vision with business colleagues—and groups including the Ophthalmic Women Leaders (OWL), a non-profit organization focused on advancing and promoting the role of women leaders in healthcare, the Pajama Program, and the Mid-Fairfield AIDS Project.

During the past year, Georgette also ran an awareness campaign in which followers of her company’s social media sites nominated charities for donations. Hundreds of individuals weighed in to speak about and advocate for organizations that otherwise may have gone unrecognized. While highly successful herself, it is truly in Georgette’s nature to give all she has to help others—making her undoubtedly worthy of an ELITE mentor award.


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