ELITE Master Educator Sharon Hayes of IMPRINT Science/IntraMed

Sharon Hayes

Senior Vice President – Medical Director

IMPRINT Science/IntraMed



Bringing Creativity to Medical Affairs

“Lost in translation” could be a phrase that applies to understanding the ever-changing, fast-paced world of new and complex scientific knowledge. Enter Sharon Hayes: Teacher, creator, creative thinker—a true visionary in the high-science world of medical affairs.

“Creativity is at her core,” says Louisa Holland, Co-CEO for the Americas at Sudler. “Although she is a medical director by training, Sharon transforms intricate scientific data into an artistic masterpiece that audiences are drawn to and can understand, so they learn it in a way that can have a profound impact on the way medicine is understood and practiced.”

From the very beginning of her tenure at IntraMed Educational Group, Sharon was able to leverage her many talents: She has proven to be a consummate writer, medical director, manager, strategist, and recruiter of great talent. All of these skills made her a natural choice to lead one of the most successful divisions at IntraMed, Imprint Science. As Co-director of Imprint, Sharon leads a team of medical writers and also partners with medical affairs client teams to create compelling publications and exceptional medical content.

Sharon’s ingenuity comes out in everything she does. Her artistic side lends itself to creating beautiful visuals that make even complex scientific concepts clear, concise, and easy to digest. She has a unique talent for bringing data and visuals together to tell a complete and compelling story.

Sharon is able to develop very strong partnerships with healthcare providers—not only because of her scientific rigor, but also because of her insight and personality. Her graduate work in breast cancer research facilitated her easy entry into the medical education world, especially into translating deep science into applications for clinical practice. Her clients have come to depend on her knowing their data better than they do, and she consistently delivers excellence on content and strategy.

Sharon is an excellent developer of talent—a great teacher who conveys her vision with an enthusiasm for her work that is infectious to everyone. A true Master Educator, she leads by example. Data to support that? Just meet those she manages and mentors.



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