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Team Otezla

Celgene and PALIO


Celgene Otezla U.S. Psoriatic Arthritis Team, U.S. Psoriasis Team, and the Global Otezla Team

PALIO New York


Innovating Live Experiences

In the post-blockbuster era, how do you take on entrenched biologics and become the first oral billion-dollar drug in the category? Meet Team Otezla.

The collaboration between Celgene and PALIO on the launch of Otezla has redefined the category, and it was no easy task. In the competitive psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis market space, Celgene had no previous relationships with prescribing physician groups. But the marketing team carved out a compelling market position and has engendered loyalty and trust from physicians worldwide. The ability of this team to quickly build fans among rheumatologists and dermatologists—both globally and in the U.S.—is a testament to the power of the agency-client relationship.

Over the course of the last four years, the Otezla marketing team earned a reputation for creating innovative live experiences that engage, educate, and leave a lasting impression. They created a booth that simulated a London double-decker bus. They built a “house” that allows visitors to experience what it’s like living with the diseases. And using projection-mapping technology, they developed beautifully disruptive animations that were the buzz of the conference.

Attendees got to interact with two 80-inch HD plasma screens and view core brand messages like never before. Using Otezla brand hallmarks like the page curl, PALIO teamed with Brooklyn-based creative firm FakeLove and built a custom “trigger” with which users could control and interact with the animation in a tactile way. The Otezla logo was constructed in 3D and was placed on top of each screen. Each animation was custom designed to interact with the logo’s position for a memorable and unexpected experience.

Otezla has put Celgene on the map for dermatology and rheumatology audiences globally, and has established a presence for the company in the inflammation and immunology category, where it will continue to grow moving forward. In 2016, Otezla achieved blockbuster status, and it continues to help tens of thousands of patients globally who suffer with these conditions.


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