ELITE Leader of the Future Michael Nesrallah of Novartis

Michael Nesrallah

CF Brand Director

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation


The Rising Star

Michael Nesrallah’s career is rising so fast, that by the time you finish reading this, he may have been promoted again. Michael began his career as a consultant at McKinsey, where he quickly became one of the more sought after consultants in the pharma and healthcare space. Michael transitioned to the pharma side when he was hired to lead Novartis’ Insights and Innovations group in the U.S. After only a year leading the team, he was appointed the Chief of Staff to the U.S. CEO, and quickly established himself as the CEO’s right hand—playing an instrumental role in evaluating and transforming Novartis’ U.S. pharmaceuticals business. Most recently, he was tapped to lead the cystic fibrosis (CF) franchise at Novartis, which he considers his greatest career achievement to date.

“I have had the privileged opportunity to support efforts to make our products available and create possibilities for thousands of patients living with CF,” he explains. “I continue to be inspired by the CF community, which makes me strive harder to find ways for our brands and programs to be relevant and meaningful. We have not only helped patients gain access to our therapies, but we have also developed a comprehensive support program to help patients, caregivers and doctors manage treatment.”

Under Michael’s direction, the team is leading the charge in creating new ways to engage and support patients. So far, the team has developed approaches in social media to rally CF patients, families and healthcare professionals. As well, they have delivered an award-winning mobile app that provides both patients and caregivers guidance, support and inspiration during onboarding and throughout treatment. Currently, Michael is working with Novartis’ patient services team to develop even more personalized services for patients that meet varying needs across different demographic segments. His goal, both now and in the future, is to provide patients with what they want, when and how they want it.

“In my four years here, I have been blessed with many different opportunities with increasing responsibility,” he says. “I want to continue on this track to help more patients, and develop exceptional talent within the company.”


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