ELITE Leader of the Future Liz Moore of AstraZeneca

Liz Moore

Social Media Analyst




Opening Pharma’s Eye to Social Listening

Joining AstraZeneca just six months ago, Liz Moore has already begun to propel the company forward by launching an enterprise-wide, in-house social listening offering. The offering is bringing AstraZeneca closer to being a true social business, allowing brands to gain real-time, actionable insights from patients across social communities in an efficient, secure, and cost-effective way.

Liz joined AstraZeneca’s Customer Experience + Innovation team at 25 as a Social Media Analyst eager to set industry standards for social listening and empower brands to make data-driven marketing decisions. In her short tenure, she has defined the company’s listening offerings, onboarded more than 15 brands onto the social listening platform, kicked-off listening with six brand teams, and delivered two listening reports. In 2016, she will deliver more than 45 social listening reports across 13 brands throughout the company.

AstraZeneca is one of the first pharmaceutical companies to bring social listening in-house, and it is already providing the company with a deeper understanding of the trends, conversations, and behaviors of consumers. Liz is utilizing machine learning to expand the sentiment analysis to understand the emotions, behaviors, and topics that drive either positive or negative sentiment of a brand and/or therapeutic area.

Liz is also working cross-functionally to help create a plan to roll-out listening capabilities so that other business functions internally have access to the data and can integrate that with standard market research findings. Pharma Insights teams haven’t traditionally included social as a standard when it comes to data inclusion, and Liz is driving that change internally.

“I am beyond impressed with Liz’s level of strategic thinking, knowledge, presence, and the way she delivers findings and presents herself to brand and insights directors at such a young age,” says her manager, Ryan Billings, who serves as AstraZeneca’s Director, Social Strategy. “She is truly going places and changing the game, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see her running an entire Insights department one day.”


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